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Department of Eagles

No One Does It Like You (3:57)


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  • I've loved this song for at least five years and never realized how truly terrifying this video is.
  • need a good songmeaning writeup for this track
  • i love when you come across a band you've completely forgotten about <3
  • literally perfect. Such a good song.
  • Liking these Eagles.
  • so motown
  • <<<3<<
  • yes yes yes yes
  • Don Henley has finally gotten his act together.
  • 2:15 <3
  • off with their heads! off with their heads!
  • listen to this and then listen to the ronettes "you baby"
  • some bittersweet memories attached to this song
  • i could listen to this every day for the rest of my life. [3]
  • as much as i luv Marcel Dzama, i luv this video too + http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xa2zr-7SiGU
  • someone needs to remix this song
  • KKK?
  • The video makes this song even better.
  • I thought the song was beautifully cuckoo
  • beautifully haunting.
  • This song is so sincere that hearing it is like a blow to the stomach.
  • magic
  • one of the best songs ever. though i don't quite like this version as much as the other one i have heard.
  • makes me happy every time even though it probably shouldnt.
  • "i could listen to this every day for the rest of my life."
  • This song is a good time every time.
  • <3
  • I love this song! Not so much for the video...
  • This song makes me wanna dance! I love the beat and the video is pretty cool too.
  • But I trrrii~ed sooo~ hard! ♫ [2]
  • marcel dzama is a god.
  • this made me laugh. perfect song with even more perfect video!
  • wtf
  • best clip I've seen in ma whole life. plus this song is the bestest of songs
  • But I trrrii~ed sooo~ hard! ♫
  • That's a pretty good guess, I guess.
  • probably because it's the same person singing. just a guess
  • sounds so very much like grizzly bear, his voice at least.
  • i could listen to this every day for the rest of my life.
  • "i could listen to this every day for the rest of my life." [1]
  • video slays.
  • Astounding, completely phenomenal. This song is just fucking amazing, period.
  • Check out the music video directed by Marcel Dzama (the artist who did the Guero cover art). It's lovely and on Pitchfork.
  • love it
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Love the change at 1:30
  • this has a rather holiday-ish vibe...
  • hahaha, oosmik, this is daniel rossen, the same lead singer as grizzly bear
  • kind of reminds me of grizzly bear
  • This is pretty perfect innit


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