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  • Avatar for BlackSaphironn
    this band means a lot to me
  • Avatar for Ivar5
    Proof that christian metal also can be awesome... Glad i found them.
  • Avatar for FIIoom
    Love this band so much ❤
  • Avatar for tohku
    Killing floor <3
  • Avatar for PetitSagittaire
    Their bandname is hilarious though.
  • Avatar for Zach216
    There are 2 types of music... good music and bad music. If you weren't "told" they were a Christian band one could easily interpret them as just being a deeply spiritual band that clearly believes in a 'higher power'...their sound has a lot of elements of some of my favorite (metal) bands of all-time like Pantera, Soilwork and later Testament. Whether they're "Christian" or not is irrelevant to me
  • Avatar for parasiticide7
    @UGADawg15, yes.
  • Avatar for Lactar1us
    How come that so many cool bands play that religious shit
  • Avatar for UGADawg15
    This is a Christian Band right?
  • Avatar for DeadGore
    Collapsing <3
  • Avatar for d1vergente
    "COLLAPSING" is the best music eveeeeeeeeeeeer!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Sanity_Theorist
    Extremist has some damn good production and instrumentation....I just hope Ryan's not running out of lyrics inspiration. Artificial Light, The Last One left Alive, I Will Fail You and The Heart of a Graveyard have awesome lyrics, but the rest feel a bit lacking. It'd be awesome if they did more tracks like Artificial Light from now on, sounds like Soilwork mixed with The World is a Thorn's overall style, and it works AWESOMELY!
  • Avatar for eXtream
    I like Extremist, good solid album. But The World Is A Thorn is easily still my favorite!
  • Avatar for Myxxxa
    последний альбом самый топовый пока что)
  • Avatar for Crimson_Kai
    ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
  • Avatar for Sqvoll91
    Последний альбом лучший у них, шикарен до упаду, разнообразный и хитовый )
  • Avatar for Zach216
    The major difference is just how tight the actual band has gotten. This is definitely my favorite DH lineup. Ryan's singing and his vocal hooks have reached another level. "Extremist" is by far my favorite... 2nd favorite is "The Triptych"
  • Avatar for Legitka
    Killing Floor 2 ^^
  • Avatar for EternalDivine
    I must agree with these previous Shouts. To me, "Extremist" is one of their best since "Summer of Darkness". There will always be something with "Summer of Darkness" for me, but "Extremist" is amazingly melodic and I love that Ryan has even more cleans in this album. Still and always will be my favorite Christian band.
  • Avatar for Zach216
    Extremist is a great album. [2] In my opinion...overall it is their most evolved and cohesive work to date. It got me hooked on the band for what has now been close to 6 months...They're inside My Top 20 which (if you look at my charts) is miraculous
  • Avatar for ElsuperXISO
  • Avatar for Sonnycz
    @Jonnyplops LOL :D
  • Avatar for Driving_Nails
    Extremist is a great album.
  • Avatar for acclamationsun
    Great metalcore, inspired. Great melodic singing, great drums, and nice riffs.
  • Avatar for Zach216
    So who do you guys MUSICALLY think Demon Hunter have the most in common with? To me I hear 2 of my favorite bands of all-time: Pantera as well as Soilwork-inspiration in there
  • Avatar for Zach216
    They're not trying to repeat themselves... "Extremist" to me is BY FAR when you add everything together collectively... their STRONGEST effort... hands down, in my opinion. Slightly different flavor sure but it's the BEST THING they've done to me...
  • Avatar for bloody72
    pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Demon Hunter
  • Avatar for yodaman5606
    One of the best so far this year.
  • Avatar for Omertalvendetta
    Extremist is one of their best efforts in recent years, but it's unfortunately not The Tryptich nor Storm The Gates of Hell. Recent stuff just doesn't have the same punch those albums did.
  • Avatar for allen7
    The Heart Of A Graveyard...this song is just awesome!
  • Avatar for -Lancman-
    Zach216: Now, after even some more listens i can safely say ,that some of the songs i didn't get into at first are growing quickly on me :) "Beyond Me" is still bugging me for some reason, but i finally found things that i can appreciate in the other songs.I feel that together with "Storm the Gates of Hell" (BTW: if you didnt' check the bonus song "Grand Finale" ,go for it,it's imo an totally awesome song that should've been on the record as a regular track ) and "Summer of Darkness" ,this might be my fav. DH record :-)
  • Avatar for Zach216
    "All the delicate ways that have deepened our graves..."
  • Avatar for Entripy777
    bayharbour: Reawaken, Metalcore from Australia
  • Avatar for Zach216
    My favorite tracks are "Artificial Light" (watch the video of Ryan explaning how it's about other bands of today who are selling a rather fake... hollow product) that meaning is just awesome! "The Last One Alive" is just so direct (about sticking to what you believe & not changing/deterring from your P.O.V. if you feel strongly about something... even if you're the last one alive) "I Will Fail You" about how we as humans are going to constantly disappoint and the songs about sort of accepting that. "In Time" is just such a complete track... simple chorus that I LOVE. The riffing throughout the entire record is amazing as are some of the leads... "Gasoline" definitely blows my mind and is unlike anything they've ever really done. I give this album a 9.5/10... that's having heard it about 25x through now for nearly 2 months... I'm insanely picky w/metal; Pantera and Soilwork are 2 of the greatest bands of all time & I feel this new album is on THAT caliber. 1st DH record ever that is!
  • Avatar for Zach216
    -Lancman- I can kind of understand what you're saying... but I think more people need to invest in high-quality headphones. You'll appreciate the details as well as just the uniqueness & atmosphere a band like Demon Hunter has. The "Extremist" to me is just SO complete from top-to-bottom. Production-wise their best tones and production, w/o a doubt to me! I get what you're saying about a couple of choruses sounding like they slow-down & sit in a similar sounding key... but the more I listen to it... there's other stuff going on besides a catchy chorus (if you're paying attention...) this album flows seamlessly & contains NO filler at all, imo
  • Avatar for -Lancman-
    This is how i feel like after quite some listens. Never really get into : "Beyond Me","Artificial Light" and "Hell Don't Need Me" (the choruses felt kinda sterille to me,Artificial got great heavy parts thou) "The Heart Of a Graveyard" is totally awesome and my fav track from the album. Also these guys EXCEL with ballads (Last one Alive is kinda "balladish" hit song + I Will Fail You has great deep vocals...these are awesome -- "Hell Don't Need Me" is just so-so with some good parts) "Gasoline" didn't get me at first, but that part : "We'll watch these flames..." is just amazingly fitting "Cross to Bear" is heavy as hell and its a great song, but i think it could have been shorter. "What i'm Not" another excellent super catchy song,those prechoruses work SO well with the chorus! "In Time" Another heavier track with simple BUT so goddamn effective clean-sung chorus with a beautiful acoustic outro (i f*cking love that :) ) "One Last Song" Another grower song ...and well thats it :)
  • Avatar for tfernandeshp
    The Heart Of A Graveyard <3
  • Avatar for Zach216
    I'll admit I'm slightly perturbed couldn't gather from my preferences (Soilwork, Pantera, Nothingface, etc.) that this band would be EXACTLY what hits the spot. It shouldn't have taken me until 2014 (and Age 24) to get into Demon Hunter...but better late than never I suppose! Extremist is an awesome record and I'm enjoying some of their earlier material. "The Triptych" was quite a turning point for this band!
  • Avatar for Zach216
    Machine Head... another band Demon Hunter can occasionally resemble... I mean all of this in a vague sense. I could care less what religion the guys are (it's not like he says God, 20x per song... musically there's no way that this is "traditional Christian sounding music") What I'm most concerned with the quality of their music, which (the more I listen to it) is superb! They should DEFINITELY tour with Soilwork...that NEEDS to happen!
  • Avatar for thompsonjohn
    I think those similar artists are there more because they all dabble in so called "Christian Metal" or "Christian Metalcore" whatever. I think it's having more to do with them all being somewhat genre related rather than really musically related but I can't really be 100% on that considering I listen to absolutely none of those bands.
  • Avatar for Zach216
    It's amusing to me how their "similar artists" are mainly all bands I've never heard of... in actuality if there are any bands I hear bits-and-pieces of in (especially newer) Demon Hunter... it's Pantera as well as Soilwork. 2 of my top 3 metal bands of all time so it's certainly not a bad thing to have some commonalities with such elite caliber/ground-breaking bands...
  • Avatar for thompsonjohn
    The new album isn't bad at all.
  • Avatar for ochuel
    This song and Through the Black are hooked me on Demon Hunter. Summer of Darkness is my fav!
  • Avatar for aldrignedigen
    Well, they've completely turned melodic and Extremist is a pretty cool release
  • Avatar for barry86
    Let's update the band's promo pic. Vote for one of the new I just uploaded.
  • Avatar for Goalzilla
    new album is pretty disappointing...
  • Avatar for readingmyeyes
    Amo vocês, caras!
  • Avatar for MagdaGothic666
    The best album of this band! Definitely the best! <3
  • Avatar for FIIoom
    new album is awesome!
  • Avatar for Zach216
    I've always respected Demon Hunter but for whatever reason their previous work just didn't "click" with me... but with the new album, I just really like how the tracks are arranged. Obviously the hooks are great! Some excellent riffs... the songs are very complete and I'm only on my 4th official listen to the album but each song is different from the last. So far very impressed!


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