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Dementio13 is a Cardiff and Wigan-based producer/remixer; recording solo since 1999. He makes music which has been described as 'electronic post-rock': a mix of Krautrock-influences, experimental electropop, film soundtracks, drum n bass and psychedelia. He also records with Cwtch and his other solo project Diebenkorn.

He has remixed artists as diverse as Northcape, Snippet, Foals, Matt Stevens, Phoenix, Tara Busch, Corrientes, Jewellers, Pinklogik and Alone.

Dementio13's music can be downloaded at http://dementio13.com.

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  • collecting Dementio13: http://www.last.fm/group/Pixies+Palace/forum/62115/_/2241906
  • Incidentally, people: check out that Jumble Hole Clough link below.......it's great stuff.
  • I'm not entirely sure Colin! I've got lots of music, I guess and some free downloads here (though why anyone would want 128kbps MP3s, I'm not sure. I guess it's like "try before you buy".)
  • I've put a Jumble Hole Clough page up on Last FM, by the way. http://www.last.fm/music/Jumble+Hole+Clough
  • 48,650 plays and 14,241 listeners - that's amazing ! What's your secret?
  • Have listened to "Becoming Elroy". There's something classical about this track that I loved. Strings, tempo, some unrecognizable chatter. I only would like to add a bit more glitches maybe. Good stuff. I would like to listen more. And, by the way, if you are interested, check this one: www.last.fm/music/Greg+Toucher
  • Excelente Música !!!
  • Greetings ... i just wished to let you know that i did naught personally *ban* you from radio play in JUNE as it was someone i trusted with my computer who was signing in under my name and using several other alias' to do what i can barely keep track of at this point .. i only wish for you to know that i have UNBANNED you *for whatever that is worth* as i personally have nevre listened to your music and found it curious that suddenly i had over 100 artiste's banned in my ban list ? ... i will *as i alwayz do* go thru those said banned artiste's and have a listen .... My apologeez for any misunderstanding .... What i've listened to so far while typing this up i like .. Blessings & Blessed Be ... xx sheilah xx
  • .....it's music I like!........
  • Hi:) Hope you're going to add your mix of The Song That Never Was by Omogen Heap

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