• Superaro

    11 Nov 2006, 14:36 by arielb


    I'm happy.

    New sounds in the air. Angerbox is back, our new album - Superaro is out. Awesome. The sound quality is average, but it's a home made record... anyway, there are no "annoying" tracks, so don't panic. What i'm trying to say is that it's really hard and expensive to record in a proper studio here in Argentina (... ok, maybe it's not THAT expensive, but it's really hard for us to face such a challenge… at least if we talk about money….) Anyway, the most important thing is for all of you to know the songs. Give it a listen and you'll find that there are some nice tracks here. My favorites, Ode To A Friend and Like Heaven. Give it a listen, you'll find your own favs.

    The album will be avaliable here for full download until Nov-30. After that, you'll see that free tracks will change as weeks go by.

    And it seems that there are users who actually listen to Ariel Borgna (or my acoustic songs hahaha, whatever you may call it)