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Dem Franchize Boyz first album, released in 9/14/2004, wasn't noticed as much as it should have been. Aside from their very violent lyrics, they put so much work in their albums that the people that actually listen to them are normally amazed by how each and every song in each of their albums are so greatly put together and flowed so well with the excellent beats that each one could actually had the potential to make an all-time hit. Some of the songs in this album were so good, but not as noticed, that they had to put them in their next album, "On Top Of Our Game", for people to notice them when the group was more popular, like "White Tee" & "Oh I Think Dey Like Me". Plus, they try to make their songs so good that they don't usually get around to making as many mixtapes as most rappers. That's because most of the songs in their mixtapes are also amazingly done. Almost no copied beats, no copied lyrics, and all that. The beats & flow in those songs, too, are amazingly fly, so much that if they put them in a commercial album, they would have the potential for hits. I definitely recommend that anyone that can put up with the violent words and things, to download this album along with the other two albums, "On Top Of Our Game" and "Our World, Our Way". Plus, if you like their songs, I also recommend downloading the only two mixtapes I've heard of, The White Tee Gang from datpiff.com (free w/ free membership) and also look if you can find Respect Our Movement Vol. 1. I forgot where I got it but all I know is that the link to a file sharing site that the group told people about on their vip site on imeem.com isn't available anymore. No one was downing it for a while so the site deleted the file from their directory.

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