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  • Avatar for FoolmeThrice
    The new album isn't getting much attention because he kept putting off the release for so long. People forgot that they were waiting.
  • Avatar for rekluz
    this shit and Dr. Octagon were masterpieces... great fucking times...
  • Avatar for ATLiens1
    3030 is the quintessential work of the group, amazing track with a brilliant concept.
  • Avatar for Plutolatry98
    Greatly appreciate this; refreshing, unique
  • Avatar for marucru
    getting into Deltron now in 2015, after ignoring it for a couple years.
  • Avatar for Galchenyuk
    Event 2 is great, surprisingly so. Pity it's not getting much love on the charts. [2]
  • Avatar for conditionals
    Event 2 is great, surprisingly so. Pity it's not getting much love on the charts.
  • Avatar for lordinfamous
    Time Keeps on Slipping...
  • Avatar for bigMATTz
    my aunt has del's vinyls :o just broke'm open
  • Avatar for Alec_Trevelyan
    [url=]This one's nice too.[/url]
  • Avatar for Alec_Trevelyan
    So yeah vote yes for this pic, please
  • Avatar for Alec_Trevelyan
    [url=]Vote this current pic down! Let's FINALLY have a true non-fan made pic that is current, has the three members, and can actually thumbnail properly![/url]
  • Avatar for shoegaze420
    Anybody know anything about the tour later this year?
  • Avatar for inhocvince
    closed last nite the Jazz Festival of Montréal, Great Show!!
  • Avatar for StoicLogic
    Full Performance (Live on KEXP):
  • Avatar for Kim_Jong-un
    very good this new album is. I want them to play in my country.
  • Avatar for Spinnbar
    long awaitin' new is sooo good!
  • Avatar for monster_meal
    i never expected it to live up to the first one, that album means a lot to me, but this new stuff is still pretty good.
  • Avatar for DefenceMan
    6 millions scrobbles !!!
  • Avatar for shaolin86
    This will definitely be a grower. Yes, it's not as great as the first album, but honestly, who thought it would be?
  • Avatar for Jupiter_Strain
    It feels like Event 2 is 12 years of growth and fine-tuning their sounds after working with so much and growing as people. As much as I love Deltron 3030, Event 2 is looking to be better. Just by a slight bit.
  • Avatar for MCLaimШишка
  • Avatar for DoomFrucht
    @FauveTerror Yes, he did.
  • Avatar for RoCkEtS121
    @FauveTerror Yeah he's the emcee on Clint Eastwood and Rock The House. In fact, Clint Eastwood is practically a Deltron + Damon Albarn song.
  • Avatar for FauveTerror
    Did he rap with Gorillaz or what? voice styles are so close?
  • Avatar for Cammy150
    13 years later!
  • Avatar for Snorfle
    Not as great as the original but still pretty amazing. It's a grower for sure
  • Avatar for h_r_f_d
    event 2 sucks, what a shame
  • Avatar for nastYtribe
    What a twist! Deltron 3030 on Letterman lol Dan's definitely got some connections In the meantime, I'll re-listen Event 2, I hope it will grow on me this time
  • Avatar for itsmysandwich
    Honestly, once familiar with the songs Del's delivery kind of makes sense. The album works, and it has grown on me from my initial listen. I think living up to The Event was going to be difficult as hell, but they managed to create something great here despite the mixed reactions to it.
  • Avatar for bort_
    too many skits and too many bangers. but i just saw them live and it was nuts. see them live!
  • Avatar for kugayama
    sadly rather underwhelming. and more proof for my thesis that there is a negative corelation between the number of guest stars and the quality of a (hiphop) album.
  • Avatar for Barakalypse
    Sad to say I pretty much agree after one or two listens. Del's delivery is so urgent and sharp on 3030, but in this one he kind of sounds like he's singing the whole album from a lazy boy.
  • Avatar for Jurmainson
    Nagsworth, agreed
  • Avatar for Nagsworth
    God, this album is so fucking unremarkable in every way. Ludicrous overproduction, tedious skits, unnecessary guest stars by the truckload, uninteresting themes, a giant exercise in style over substance trying to live up to thirteen years of expectations and completely flying way over and way under the mark. Del's delivery is really boring compared to the music where there is almost too much going on, and the excitement and wonder of the futuristic themes of the first album are nearly lost entirely. Some songs are better than others, but on the whole this is nothing special to me at all. Forgettable, and a huge shame all round.
  • Avatar for Nagsworth
    Del's vocals are so drab on this album, man.
  • Avatar for ceelo123
    event 2 is such a great
  • Avatar for Honzeecheck
    why its called deltron zero but its deltron 3030?
  • Avatar for WeAreLions
    Oh my god. I'm going to cry.
  • Avatar for hrabiapiurko
    i'd say it's better, more complete than the first deltron. wicked wicked beats.
  • Avatar for Paard
    The new album seems more like Handsome Boy Modeling School with sci-fi just for the hell of it. I still like it. But the 'sci-fi' aspect just isn't ingrained in the DNA of the album like the first album was.
  • Avatar for itsmysandwich
    Dan stole the show with this album. Unfortunately that made it feel as though Del hadn't really stepped up for the production in some cases, however it's still a fantastic album.
  • Avatar for ImpactWarning
    I'm digging Event II.
  • Avatar for KanyeOmariWest
    still fantastic
  • Avatar for PowerfulLichIRL
    Event II blew me away, I don't buy much music these days but I'm going to buy this
  • Avatar for puppychow17
    "Do You Remember" is the better track.
  • Avatar for grantgodfrey7
    Event II is so good.. especially the production.
  • Avatar for roemilca111
    btw check out hitrecord - josephgordan levitt zero
  • Avatar for JayDeeDillaNL
    Event II is great, it is different from the first. A little less about the collapse of a world and more about some futuristic aspects brought in a humorous manner, but I like it. It is a very good album and it gets better and better with more plays. It is already my Hip-Hop AOTY.
  • Avatar for Slaggprodukt
    Ok what I heard so far from Event II just doesn´t get me the same way as 3030.Of course,need to give it a few more listens and get into it and waiting for the actual,physical album.All this waiting has naturally made the hype and expectations so high it´s hard to meet them.But,3030 hit me directly as a great masterpiece and it has just grown from there and lands as one of the greatest concept album ever in my book.Sure,Event II will be a good album,quite sure of it.But not that same instant hit and music attraction...


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