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  • Avatar for jkralovich
    Album review:
  • Avatar for tribeonlinefr
    CD Review "Into The Wide":
  • Avatar for indy02
    See them if you can. Absolutely killer live show.
  • Avatar for ecorunner
    Hold my end up is so good. Sounds like The Boxer Rebellion.
  • Avatar for Bettusso
    Delta Spirit aren't upstarts, nor are they technically a California band anymore.
  • Avatar for indy02
    Would like a return to the Americana sounds too, but the new record is pretty quality and it does sound massive. Think I like it better than the S/T.
  • Avatar for catrach0
    I'm a little disappointed they continued down the LA rock/pop path like their previous album instead of returning to a more Americana sound like their first two, but I feel like they have a much better grip to this approach in this effort compared their s/t.
  • Avatar for xJake_Guitarx
    Again, another amazing album by this amazing band. New album is wonderful!
  • Avatar for Cat_007
    cool band>blues of 21st century!
  • Avatar for Bettusso
    ¡Matt Vasquez, doy las nalgas por ti (o a ti)! "Push it" es un rolón!
  • Avatar for ridethewavez
    listened over 11,000 times. still not sick of you guys.
  • Avatar for SciFi_Wasabi
    I just moved to California a few weeks ago and have been listening to the lyrics for California for months before then! It fits my situation so well.
  • Avatar for yurkes
    my new love too
  • Avatar for Bettusso
    ¡Come to México! Please!!!
  • Avatar for naty86
    my new love
  • Avatar for born2bweil
    Lovin' you, is oh so lovely.
  • Avatar for twelvetunes
    Knew them from Warm Bodies.
  • Avatar for myriad814
  • Avatar for saltyknuckles
    Featured on SaltyKnuckles № 100 -
  • Avatar for Bettusso
    Una bandota de verdad, ¡espero que venga pronto a México!
  • Avatar for Garmatiy
    Guys, nice to listen to your music. It so easy
  • Avatar for gracegao1987
    love matt's magic voice, my favorite style, kinda decadent, kinda lazy but definitely rocky
  • Avatar for D3licateBalance
    Seeing you guys tonight!!! EEEEEE!!!! So excited!
  • Avatar for CarlosRomanMtz
  • Avatar for JohnHarrisonn
  • Avatar for kahoowoo
    AWESOME! I wanna see them again. Love the energy they have on stage. :D
  • Avatar for DolmenRage
    Not a huge fan of their studio stuff, but they are INCREDIBLE live [3]
  • Avatar for kangsj
    Not a huge fan of their studio stuff, but they are INCREDIBLE live [2]
  • Avatar for billmazza
    Not a huge fan of their studio stuff, but they are INCREDIBLE live
  • Avatar for klastch
    So much love for this band.
  • Avatar for clubanddeform
    i missed them when they played here in vegas for free :( i spent that whole night blasting their s/t album, drinking with my friends all over the city probably as they were in the middle of their set. ironic situations suck ass!
  • Avatar for D3licateBalance
    Empty House <3
  • Avatar for anneville
    california is DOPE.
  • Avatar for llamagesicht
    These guys are my musical heroes, my fashion heroes, my everythaaaaaaang heroes.
  • Avatar for fr1dayafternoon
  • Avatar for llamagesicht
    love this band
  • Avatar for CadaWacca
    Can't stop listening to the new album
  • Avatar for Ro-beer-val
    Watch : Delta Spirit - "California" (Video Novo), The Vain - "Close To The Fire" (Video Novo)
  • Avatar for MyxxxxxDSMBR
    History from Below and Ode to Sunshine are damn near perfect albums. About to give the new one a listen...
  • Avatar for llamagesicht
    "Tear It Up" and "Money Saves" are golden.
  • Avatar for llamagesicht
    Just tear it up.
  • Avatar for xinxinx
    The new album is a bit different, yes--but in a good way. I enjoyed it.
  • Avatar for xJake_Guitarx
    Such a fantastic new album, little different. But doesn't mean it's bad. Sometimes change is a good thing, I kind of have to admit, I love it more than their other stuff. Very great new album indeed!
  • Avatar for CadaWacca
    So good.
  • Avatar for BPMlast
    Check out our interview with Delta Spirit: [url][/url]
  • Avatar for pjqb12
    i want a copy now!!!!!!
  • Avatar for llamagesicht
    New album streaming, SO GOOD, SO GOOD
  • Avatar for gottalovett07
    Tear It Up is huge
  • Avatar for loganwilke
    New album doesn't suuuuck. I am very pleased with it.
  • Avatar for ayefightbears
    New album suuuucks.


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