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  • Test Drive Unlimited 2 brought me here.
  • Xhi
    amazing beats
  • Total Overdose brought me here. [3]
  • Total Overdose brought me here. [2]
  • cool mota
  • wacha trucha!
  • Total Overdose brought me here.
  • и никакой нигерии
  • forever love, y' all
  • this is cool!!!!! east side!!!!!
  • Заебись,небось настойки на кактусах бухают.
  • Good rolas
  • hate the new design.
  • Так а я о чем.
  • круто!
  • weno
  • Да.
  • Fuck yeah!
  • This is how we do!
  • I delinquents habits-----is my second family..... SOLO EN LAS ESQUINAS....a wivey...
  • Only a million plays? I thought they'd have like 8 or something.
  • "Here comes the horns" <33333
  • remember their roots ;)
  • No lyrics for "life is a struggle" :'(
  • крутенский музон
  • una de las mejores formaciones de rap-hardcore,quemas me gusta . notables influencias centroamericanas
  • En la vida de los delincuentes, NUNCA JAMAS lo siguen siguientes!!! si señor!!!
  • borachos
  • неплохо=) хаус оф райсинг драм - супер вещь!
  • Subele carnal, mi cancion delincuente!
  • Ives gave me a High Five :D
  • de lo mejor ....chicano hip hop
  • Not bad. Yo, yo, yo.
  • The return of the trees is a fucking classic!
  • not trying to spam, i'm only spreading the word: check out my blog if you love good music: http://the-0uternet.blogspot.com/, it's all love. one.
  • Beijing. <3
  • Que onda muchacho??!... Good old days men...
  • 77 777 listeners :)
  • Latin classic, like Cypress Hill.
  • cause in the house of the rising drum they all come (:
  • nice
  • More people need to listen to this stuff.
  • Damn, mate time to wake up
  • they released an album last year? man i was sleeping! check it out!
  • Bloody underrated
  • very good music The best style !!!!!
  • Common Man yeah ! como siempre un album bueno
  • Awesome Rap band!
  • точнее "Самые лучшие тачки"
  • ахах блядь "Сектор газа - Русские тачки" сэмплировали с них весь трек Juvy даже манера читки такая же))


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