• Survey! Wahoo!

    2 Oct 2010, 16:16 by Gashcadarn

    1. What are you listening to right now?
    Grave - Liberation

    2. What song makes you sad?
    Pain - I'm going in (Brings back fucked up memories)

    3. What is the most annoying song in the world?
    Probably a Lady Gaga song or something like that.

    4. Your all time favorite band?
    Tough question, but I think Death

    5. Your newly discovered band is?

    6. Best female voice?
    Simone Simons (Epica) is good.

    7. Best male voice?
    Clean: Warrel Dane
    Growl: Mikael Åkerfeldt

    8. Music type you find yourself listening to most?
    Any kind of Death Metal

    9. What do you listen to, to hype you up?
    Brutal shit, like Benighted

    10. What do you listen to, to calm down?

    11. Last gig/concert you went to?
    A Rockabilly fest in town, for fun.
    Last metal thing was Wacken Open Air, I think.

    12. Band you find yourself listening to the most right now?
    Morbid Angel and Ending Quest

    13. Most hated band?
    Anything emo, gay or whiney.

  • Live Band list

    26 Aug 2010, 18:32 by Evil_Jane

  • Live Band list

    26 Aug 2010, 18:28 by Evil_Jane

  • Slam Death Metal Journals Volume 1.4

    24 Jun 2009, 16:51 by HumanRejection


    The last in the series for series 1 of regarding more slam bands for your ears. A couple of artists here with newly released albums or news about new material are here in this journal. Very exciting scenes and different sort of sounds, especially pointing to the Japanese scene and Philippines scene. The next series will come after the list is published in the Slam Death Metal group.


    The list of the past volumes:

    Volume 1.0
    Volume 1.1
    Volume 1.2
    Volume 1.3

    Volume 1.4

    1)Carnivore Diprosopus

    Hailing from the Columbian city of Bogotá, is a healthy slam death metal with grindcore influences. They have moments on their most recent “Madhouse's Macabre Acts” album which has atmosphere, tension and a lot of slams in between crunchy riffs, fast interludes and deep growls. The band also keeps you entertained by various samples of horror films and strange cut scenes aswell, this works well in between the carnage of slam being put onto the slab. …
  • Slam Death Metal Journals Volume 1.3

    30 May 2009, 17:00 by HumanRejection


    The next in the series are some very good artists that should all take your taste buds sky high! But first, I recommend all the readers here to read this and also visit this to find more external information on this genre.


    The list of the past volumes:

    Volume 1.0
    Volume 1.1
    Volume 1.2

    Volume 1.3

    1)Atrocious Abnormality

    This piece of brutality coming from the mountains of North Carolina, America is a very straight forward / slam band you can get. This has all the favourite traits including brutal gutturals over the low produced down tuned extremely fast tight riffs and blasting drums. Also, swaying in some inward grooves and slams into their work to give that catchy feel to it. The vocals also offer diversity with high pitched screeches occasionally catchy your attention amongst the brutal tight tension between breakdowns and slams. The band is very much like their ex or current bands like Lust Decay and is related…
  • New Artists Weekly : The First Week

    12 May 2009, 14:22 by HumanRejection


    So I have decided to do every new artist from my major big list of artists which I need to get into every week. This is for you to read through and search for at your own will based on my short little descriptions on the bands. I

    I came up with the idea so that instead of making journals which has a long list of artists from long term recommendations. I will be making shorter journals about the artists in this week which I have mostly enjoyed. These will probably be mostly, artists but there might be a few other genres sneaking in.


    [1] Bile Nephrosis – This Deathgrind band is short, quick, hilarious and for the most part good. It has good tunes and riffs on their release Capital.

    [2] Vomitrocity – Is a sick new brutal death metal band from Ohio, USA. They have recently released a new demo called Sea Sick and it just shows how the scene has come into a really good vibe. This has all that you need, fast catchy drumming that never tire out, good tension between the guitars and vocals…
  • Slam Death Metal Journals Volume 1.2

    16 Apr 2009, 21:38 by HumanRejection


    Another part in this slamming series and another twenty two gore slamming brutal death bands to drool over. These are more recent artists I have gotten into and thus, not that informative but they will be of use the little reviews. Some of them are being tried out so they won’t have a review, or there is no point in them having a review as there is nothing much to say.


    The list of the past volumes:

    Volume 1.0
    Volume 1.1

    Volume 1.2

    1)Awaiting The Autopsy

    Hailing from the bays of Germany, this 3 piece brutal onslaught boadering on the territory comes a rather oddity to slam. The originality and simplicity is here with the intensifying guitar distortion, high guttural vocals and fast drumming round into a nice short promo. Yes, “Eight Girls Instead of Nine” is a quick in and out slam fest with a lot of Deathcore influences, except there are slams a plenty here with a female voice thrown in for comfort.

    2)Blunt Force Trauma – “Triumph Of Evilution” (EP)
  • Slam Death Metal Journals Volume 1.1

    7 Apr 2009, 14:31 by HumanRejection


    Another list of artists recommended from my group just have a search through these and pick up anything you fancy. It is self-explanatory really.


    The list of the past volumes:

    Volume 1.0

    Volume 1.1

    1)Amputated Repugnance – “Promo”
    2)Artery Eruption – “Reduced to a Limbless Sexslave”

    (Not to be confused with the Texas Brutal death metal band), this band hails from the plains of America, with their exciting generic but overwhelming piece of music. Their album “Desecrate the Vile” spits up influences such as Disgorge (US), Severed Savior and Inveracity. These guys surely know how to slam and they do it with brilliant, intensity, passion and tension.

    4)Corporectomy – “Within The Weak And The Wounded”

    The Manchester based UK domino form an unusual slamming brutal death metal. There are neither gore lyrics nor lyrics for that matter and the strange gurgling (with no effects apparently) with the pig squealing and usual guttural inhale output. …
  • Slam Death Metal Journals Volume 1.0

    3 Apr 2009, 16:15 by HumanRejection


    This is another journal that will review all the most recommendable artists out there in the world today but this time on .

    So, what is slam death metal?... I hear you say. Often shortened to slam death, is a musical sub-genre of the genre of which came apparent by Internal Bleeding with their debut in 1995. However, it did start more or less the same time as brutal death metal did. Many of the early formed bands here actually took their influence off early Floridian death metal artists and thrash metal artists from the 1980’s. A lot using breakdowns and then ‘heavy’ intervals, which made the artistic formation of ‘slams’ a couple of years later. Slam death is often still not considered an ‘official’ genre by most elite members of the scene. This, however, I think is wrong to say that these listed artists have anything to do with original brutal death nor death metal. …
  • Weekly Edition: The Fourth Hysterectomy

    20 Nov 2008, 20:34 by FromHeartache

    Editors Introductory

    So, this thing is working well now, I can see the big differences from the pre-weekly editions group charts to how they look today. Still a few anomalies here and there but these will be squeezed to the last one after these artists below pound your ears!

    This time just the artists below, haven’t had tiem to put anything up. But next week I might do something extra like a poll or something. Also, any suggests for names for the weekly editions would be fantastic. Eg. The Fifth Atrocity etc.

    Week Main Listening: 23rd – 30th November

    Fourth Edition

    1) Defeated Sanity , You all know this band by now. The Prelude to Tragedy the first and full most, most epically produced guttural slamming death you could hear, with that living up to their name again with an album which blew my mind. That is indeed “Pslams of the Moribund”, this album slams, pounds, blasts and thrash riffs all the way down to a nail. Markus Keller was a bit dry with his vocals but now they have got rid of him…