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  • Avatar for Disvisonpunk86
    I fucking ❤️ this track one my favourites to them riffs fuck yes and the drumming is insane 💀🔥❤️
  • Avatar for Sathg
    sick ass song
  • Avatar for arson714
    @MiyavixMaya I remember the first time I noticed it, I tried to answer my phone time and time again after.
  • Avatar for StephenR4968
  • Avatar for Ezekiel22
  • Avatar for MiyavixMaya
    Dammit, I'd never noticed that phone noise before, now I'm gonna hear it every time. ¬¬ [2] god dammit, that's what i get for coming into the comments section -w-
  • Avatar for NinaBear19
    heeaavvyyy. <3
  • Avatar for cello1995
  • Avatar for xNosaru
    youre probably riiiiiiiight ♪
  • Avatar for ravenpryde
    i remember back in '98 during my first couple of listens to the album, that whenever rickets was almost over i could swear that my phone was ringing and i kept thinking "who the hell keeps calling whenever "rickets" is almost over?"
  • Avatar for kwr1983
    Whenever I hear the phone ringing noise when I'm listening to this song in the car I immediately reach for my phone. DAMN YOU DEFTONES FOR TRICKING ME!
  • Avatar for Gabriel_Opeth
  • Avatar for hoellehund
  • Avatar for olthof
    Amazing, calm, powerful, raw, energy.
  • Avatar for DanDy57
    Dammit, I'd never noticed that phone noise before, now I'm gonna hear it every time. ¬¬
  • Avatar for Psychedalex77
    i hear a phone ringing at 2.21
  • Avatar for duranged_dolly
    Saw them this month but it was so upsetting on how short their set was....very energetic live and very sexy too...performed old favs as well
  • Avatar for Bravnat
    love this song
  • Avatar for DanielleKln
    ewwwww im going to see them again 9/25 its been way too long boys!!!!!
  • Avatar for DTsupernova
    This is Passion people
  • Avatar for WarheadX2
    Guitar sounds so fugging awesome \m/
  • Avatar for mikea543
    Met Chino twice,seen deftones 7times....Ammmmaaaazzzzziiiiiinnnnngggg!
  • Avatar for Kimberly-Jade
    Chino's screams are fucking epic
  • Avatar for hotwaterbrogden
    youre probably right.
  • Avatar for TheOne5590
  • Avatar for BlackJackJohnny
    kicks totally ass
  • Avatar for Felixtehbeaver
    sounds soooooo much like Tool - Part Of Me
  • Avatar for Distilled_mind
  • Avatar for RobertPanique
    Something shocking the first time I heard this record...they're great emotional musicians
  • Avatar for fnglmuse
  • Avatar for hotwaterbrogden
    you;re probably right.
  • Avatar for jdavies76
    great first album!!!
  • Avatar for dequis
    This sounds strangely similar to [album artist=napalm death]Diatribes[/album] - [artist]Napalm Death[/artist], like a remix of that album.
  • Avatar for djh3978
    Havent heard this song for awhile. love it!!!!!
  • Avatar for creepcanroll
    you're probably right...
  • Avatar for modified54
    yes sir
  • Avatar for In4TheAdventure
    fucking brutal bass
  • Avatar for FeralKitsune
    I love these guys.
  • Avatar for slawomiro
    One of Deftones best songs.
  • Avatar for inphanta
    I piss too much... :O
  • Avatar for reklez
    Stompin bass!!
  • Avatar for trent07
    darcie ryja masakra :P
  • Avatar for steven_nzl
    haha rob. Man this song is phaty phat
  • Avatar for Mindbearer
    so powerful...
  • Avatar for KrisseKreeme
    Back to school was not even a Deftones song! This song is the hype. (sorry rob)
  • Avatar for ablazexxx
  • Avatar for Vldmrhrnndz
    gotta love that bass line...
  • Avatar for Vldmrhrnndz
    absolutely a fave here...
  • Avatar for liquidweird
    awesome song (and album)
  • Avatar for rob_outknow
    i dont like song. i like back to school is the best song of deftones


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