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Hole in the Earth (4:09)


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  • Such a earthquake.
  • Orgasm [3]. The best song from Deftones.
  • this is the end...
  • great song, but who's that guy that ate chino?
  • This song always has a U2/Coldplay quality to it , to my ears, when I listen to it ~
  • "...this is the end" - I think the film was named after that lyric, this song appears for a few seconds. Good song!!
  • Orgasm [2]
  • This is a great song, but...man, look at Chino's giant pork chop head in this video. Holy hell. I forgot how badly he let himself go around this time.
  • One of the best songs from Deftones. It never gets old. [3]
  • so beautiful, trippy guitar...
  • Masterpiece.
  • I hate all of my friends.
  • *-* so perfect...
  • WOAH (Chino style)
  • i hate all of my friends
  • This is brilliant.
  • Honestly think this is my favorite Deftones song.
  • One of the best songs from Deftones. It never gets old. [2]
  • I hate all of my friends. They all lack taste sometimes.
  • One of the best songs from Deftones. It never gets old.
  • Just.. WOW pure deftones.
  • A+
  • <333333333333
  • What a great singer.
  • Is that a sample of sonic youth 100% at the beginning I hear? [2]
  • My favorite from Deftones.
  • Amazing
  • epic
  • just...wow!
  • I love this soooooooooooooong <3
  • I just noticed that I misheard the most important line in this song. I though he sang "I hate all of my friends...they all attack sometimes."
  • My favourite song♥
  • =)
  • Please take a bow.
  • mistake, i'm out, this is the end
  • they do, sometimes.
  • ♥ [2]
  • acoustic cover of the deftones' change (in the house of flies) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91GnNXGGXYE. check it out and let us know what you think, share if you like! Thanks! (:
  • "i hate all my friends, they all lack taste sometimes." [6] <3
  • I love the way he says "earth" in this song.
  • anything deftones is a great track!
  • The vocals are amazing. Everything just works really well together. I love it.
  • Невообразимо вставляет особенно когда твое сознание изменено, Это как начинать падать с огромного обрыва.
  • never get bored of this song
  • I ATE all of my friends , they all lack taste sometimes :D
  • I openly LOVE this song! Truly a modern epic
  • people who openly don't like this song test my politeness.
  • It shatters my heart every time
  • Simplement, Perfecta <3


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