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  • Avatar for carlos4444
    "lel pretty sure Abandoned was from the Priests point of view to establish the affair with the Mother and that the Priest is possibly the Youngers true father" He's almost certainly the father - see Penance: "The boy must never know about me, never know of my face. Between us, hold these secrets we keep" & Atonement: "Been waiting, a lifetime to hear that voice (...) "What brings you here my son What brings you here my son"" (last parts are a repetition from Cowardice) Great story, anyway :) Although I strongly hope the next (probably last?) album is from the mother's perspective. I think that's the only perspective that really has the potential to increase the intensity of the story again.
  • Avatar for ArkAwn
    and yes the Priest is addicted to heroin just like the Mother
  • Avatar for ArkAwn
    but you can bitch about album perspectives if you really, really want to
  • Avatar for ArkAwn
    lel pretty sure Abandoned was from the Priests point of view to establish the affair with the Mother and that the Priest is possibly the Youngers true father
  • Avatar for Geographysical
    Spared in Hell transitions into Divination and the volume goes UUUUUUUUUUUP!!!!!
  • Avatar for bloody72
    pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Defeater
  • Avatar for Irenarch
    I love Defeater's music, but I wish they'd write at least one album that isn't about an angry young man who has problems with his brother and father, is associated with the military in some way, finds/loses his religion and wants to protect a woman who's only relevant to the story in that her dying makes him angsty and depressed. I was really hoping that Abandoned would be written from the perspective of the mother, but at this rate we're going to see albums from the perspective of the bookie, the shipyard workers, the train conductor, the father's father, the father's brother, the father's brother's father, and the family dog, all of whom were in the military and struggled with Jesus (and Doggie Jesus?), before hear from anyone else. It kinda weakens the gravitas when everyone's got mostly the same tragic past.
  • Avatar for Geographysical
    "UNANSWERED. ABANDONED." Music to relate to.
  • Avatar for Nix42
    New album rocks and Atonement is one of the best songs they've written thus far...methinks
  • Avatar for fremdweltler
    and "I AM NO ONE, I AM NOTHING" @TooLateToGoBack
  • Avatar for Uchiha_HyBreeD
    New album is without a doubt a banger. They've matured musically, although lyrically they seem tired.. I don't get people who are that impressed with the story. It's not really evolving from first song to last, nor it's that deep. Am I the only one who thinks there's a clear innuendo there that the priest suffers from a heroin addiction? -Still a grand return after that 2013 bullshit release.
  • Avatar for TooLateToGoBack
    I feel like they a total of ten words they love using in their songs, especially on Abandoned. Nothing like having "I WAS A GOOD MAN ONCE!" drilled into your head.
  • Avatar for thispanophobic
    new album is pushka
  • Avatar for eatmangos
    at their best
  • Avatar for DreamofJanney
    New album is the best thing they've done since Travels. Really impressed with it.
  • Avatar for drrobbins
    perfect new album
  • Avatar for knight_88
    New album is so good!
  • Avatar for Gnomensocke
    Great album - once again. Really like the spoken word sections, they give you that prayer feeling which fits perfectly for the album about the preacher. The bonus tracks Still & True, Let Me Down are also pretty good, especially the former. Always wondered how it would sound if they played the acoustic tracks from Empty Days in their 'usual way'.
  • Avatar for svanesang
    still no opinion about the new album.
  • Avatar for battle-
    amazing album
  • Avatar for carlos4444
    Fortunately, I have to agree - after the first dozens of listens I can already say: great album! :)
  • Avatar for CA_Punker
    new album is great
  • Avatar for cryptic-death
    new album is sick
  • Avatar for letting_go
    new album rocks
  • Avatar for XJohnWilX
    new album is good
  • Avatar for Nintendodo
    Unanswered was a great choice for a single; real accessible. It's catchy, memorable, and totally showcases Defeater's signature style and sound. It's got me real hyped for this record.
  • Avatar for Gnomensocke
    Defeater 2015: Now with more beard.
  • Avatar for horiiz0ns
    Defeater 2015:
  • Avatar for krystian_
    Spared In Hell has got me so keen for the next chapter.
  • Avatar for Aurelmar
    For fans of Defeater, check out
  • Avatar for slower_breath
    годнота. [5]
  • Avatar for DrZaius_
  • Avatar for Medvegon
    Группа хорошая!! А недоброжелателей везде хватает
  • Avatar for andy_erin
    годнота. [4]
  • Avatar for alex_dorosh
    Годнота. [3]
  • Avatar for Wantedblood
    Годнота. [2]
  • Avatar for Lost_For_Word
  • Avatar for jessyrocker
    Just Great
  • Avatar for GayForJohnyDepp
    как то убили
  • Avatar for Glaubenslav
    Шикарные <3
  • Avatar for FyNtik_da
    New Pic
  • Avatar for eyeslikefireee
    Lost Ground is still the best thing to ever happen to me
  • Avatar for AndreyLeto
    Amazing band!
  • Avatar for brootinho
    Check out my cover of But Breathing:
  • Avatar for deadbysun
  • Avatar for TheShadowstorm
    Solid band all around.
  • Avatar for carlos4444
    Defeater and their singer Derek Archambault are trying to raise money for a hip replacement Derek needs Everyone who saw him on the last European tour knows that he REALLY does need that operation, he looked like an old man suffering a lot of pain... So if you got some money over - donate it to him, he deserves it :)
  • Avatar for koholintisland
    "hardcore for underage pop punk lovers." coming from the guy listening to enter shikari LOL
  • Avatar for Kyonil
  • Avatar for LiimpanH
    But rfuv, you listen a lot to Touché Amoré which basically has the same fanbase


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