• My Entire Album Collection (Part 1)

    2 Jan 2009, 21:55 by RyanCalorel

    About a month and a half ago, I devised a plan to listen to all of the cd's that I have (that are currently in cases). This was because I wanted to listen to things I haven't listened to in a while or ever, really.

    The two rules were: the choices must be completely random (I assigned each cd a number and made my calculator choose random numbers - I know, it's quite pathetic), and I have to listen to the entire album all the way through. Other than that, I can add more cd's to the collection, it doesn't matter.

    Since I started two months or so ago, the list in the first few posts won't be in the order I listened to them in - just a pseudo-alphabetical order. Anyway...

    1) 3 Doors Down - The Better Life
    - This was one of the first cd's I ever bought - long before I started playing guitar. When I was listening to it now, I still remembered the words, so it must have made some kind of impact on my past-child-self. However, I no longer like 90's alternative rock, so this was rather boring to sit through. …