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  • Avatar for X-evier
    паблик в vk по space ambient'у -
  • Avatar for CatLady626
    Wish I could still download this music! They sure trashed this site...
  • Avatar for huiva
    Hi. Listen to: Russian post rock / ambient / instrumental
  • Avatar for edubbwitthevdub
    Great space music, here's a playlist y'all might enjoy: Long live ambient!
  • Avatar for Deepspace_
    NEW deepspace site here:!untitled/c15fh
  • Avatar for jcotteri
    because spotify blows TR :)
  • Avatar for SunMan24
    хорош для дальних астральных путешествий
  • Avatar for Tranceroute
    why Subantarctic Sessions isn't on Spotify?
  • Avatar for CatLady626
    I love this music- I just close my eyes and let it take me on an incredible journey!
  • Avatar for nightowlx
    I love Deepspace. Epic music. A companion of mine used two of your oldre tracks in a mix titled Sleeping in Hyperspace ->
  • Avatar for Dhiver
    If you like Altus, you may also like [url=]Aphotic Starfield[/url]! Check it out, it's for free!
  • Avatar for TheSpenner
    Great new album :)
  • Avatar for jcotteri
    You should consider I'd pay..
  • Avatar for jcotteri
    HOLY SHIT!!!!! <3
  • Avatar for Deepspace_
    After a 2 year hiatus, new Deepspace album "SlowWaveCathedral" out now.
  • Avatar for Deepspace_
    New deepspace album "SlowWaveCathedral" out in a few days.
  • Avatar for alfapp
    Sometimes I listen to Deepspace the whole night long
  • Avatar for BOECK39
    back again, for more of your excellent music.
  • Avatar for BOECK39
    Hi there Mirko ,greetings from down in Sydney ( Vineyard ), love your music , never heard your stuff , cheers
  • Avatar for Pixieguts
    how wonderful to hear deepspace again at the start of 2011. a most beautiful long piece from him... [track artist=deepspace]another empty galaxy[/track]
  • Avatar for Madhouserevival
    If you are getting 503 errors then just refresh the page. Worked for me. LastFM has terrible bandwidth BTW, so you download speed will be only 1,000th of what you see elsewhere. Not exaggerating. Anyway, superb tracks. Makes me almost want to quit composing when I compare my own work LOL
  • Avatar for Omega_Switch22B
    Any hope of a new release in the foreseeable future, Mirko?
  • Avatar for Flamingo_O
    your music is beautiful!
  • Avatar for german_in_la
    I'm getting a 503 - Service Unavailable on the "The Barometric Sea".
  • Avatar for german_in_la
    Very nice.
  • Avatar for Pixieguts
    <3 [track artist=deepspace]assorted seashells[/track]
  • Avatar for Andi242GER
    Das neue Album ist klasse ... beim Hören wird der Raum zur Unterwasserwelt ... sehr schön ... danke!
  • Avatar for Vio7
    Ambient music at its finest! I really get strangely concentrated listening his stuff and studying math.
  • Avatar for RobinFranz
    Hey DeepSpace, great stuff! I wish I could put Your kind of feeling into my music. You might like it anyway. Check out: ITWT, RobinFranz
  • Avatar for TurdHeart
    I don't see "Alexia Beach Explorer" in the albums. Different Deepspace? That was one of my favorite mellow albums in the '90s.
  • Avatar for LordHali
    [group]Hidden Artists[/group]
  • Avatar for Omega_Switch22B
    16k listeners, quite impressive! :)
  • Avatar for Pocko12
    Excellent music, just make you float off into deep space.
  • Avatar for Spacewatcher
    Very good music.
  • Avatar for StealMyName
    great stuff and superb links - thanks! ;D
  • Avatar for Rachelbbbbbbbbb
    Awesome stuff!
  • Avatar for Deepspace_
    New Deepspace album "World Ocean Atlas" out now. Listen and download it here (256kps mp3's).
  • Avatar for MCJH
    This is fantastic stuff.....thanks for the freebies....awards well deserved
  • Avatar for hojuboy
    Does it get any better ? Music to drift through the cosmos by......
  • Avatar for tyriandawn
    I listened to Deserted and have decided to Download everything you have for free at and give it a good listen. Cheers
  • Avatar for alarmbot
    I just listened to "From another empty galaxy" I play a game called EVE Online and this guy right here is a fucking champion. Such good music. His Music fits so well.
  • Avatar for zerofish9
    Mirk...thxz4 loading us a taster@ambiO on ur new gig..soundz good man! :)
  • Avatar for speculativism
    Like Science Fiction Music? New group:
  • Avatar for dubkrauz
    Hi there! New dub minimal techno at Hope you enjoy it!!! Comments are welcome. Cheers D.
  • Avatar for jbparanoid
    Hey Mirko, I just posted my ambient album on here. Give it a listen if you have the time, I'd love to know what you think:
  • Avatar for onetense1
    Man, I've been listening to Synth music for 30 years. And I have to say, I see why you've won the awards you did. (Mirko.........Respect!!!)
  • Avatar for UltimateOsprey
    Hauntingly beautiful stuff, been loving it for a long time now. Can't wait to hear that new album!
  • Avatar for cuber3
    somehow, the ambient I stumble upon is mostly dark and kinda cluttered, it's nice to find such incredibly soothing soundscapes. Exactly what I was looking for :D
  • Avatar for bokostring
  • Avatar for themoebius
    I find this really inspiring and uplifting. I think I'll buy some copies of the album as Christmas gifts.


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