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-Post-punk revival / alternative rock band from Vilnius, Lithuania. Official webside: www.deeperupper.lt+Post-punk revival / alternative rock band from Vilnius, Lithuania. Official website: www.deeperupper.lt

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Deeper Upper is Indie Rock band from Vilnius, Lithuania. Website: www.deeperupper.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/DeeperUpper Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/DeeperUpper Youtube: www.youtube.com/DeeperUpper Bio: Since its formation in 2010, Deeper Upper has released several digital singles, one of which, "I am the colours", was featured in the Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape (which has hosted such bands as xxyyxx, Giraffage, Fat Freddy's Drop, Sebastian Tellier and others). Also, Deeper Upper's debut music video for "In the sands of a desert" won the best music video of the year award at the Lithuanian alternative music awards. The band's most notable shows include performances at the biggest music festival in the Baltic countries "Positivus" and Tallinn Music Week, in addition to supporting the widely recognised band "Ewert and the Two Dragons" in Vilnius and performing at several well-regarded Lithuanian music festivals. At the end of the spring in 2013, Deeper Upper released their debut EP "Structures" which is available on iTunes, Amazon and other platforms. In 2014 Deeper Upper participated in the biggest European Internet music event "EuroMusic Contest". By leaving behind more than 3000 bands from all over the Europe and proving their name in the final gig in Paris, they won the first place - recoring session an the prestigious Black Rock Studio in Santorini, Greece.