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  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    Still rawks...makes ya think of the 60s!
  • Avatar for giggleloop1
    Timeless & classic!!!
  • Avatar for BlueOclock
    I'd have been nervous recording that song with that werewolf hanging around outside! They did a nice job though considering!
  • Avatar for pwnbs
    nothin like a song about going down on a woman
  • Avatar for sstrosser1
    Love the organ in this tune. I played with my organ before but never this good. Love this tune. Rock out all !!!!!!!
  • Avatar for HathInTheRam
    Also try the Love Affair (yes, Love Affair) version.
  • Avatar for robincharmer
    I'm listening to Simon and Garfunkel radio on last FM and they play this!! Not really folk is it? Good track tho, so you're forgiven Last FM. Ian Gillans voice not as good as Ritchie Blackmore imho, and Blackmore doesn't scream either.
  • Avatar for aok3x3
    How can one not love this song! Mint :)
  • Avatar for Frutyboo
    One of the greatest song ever!!! Na na na na na na na na naaaaaaaa ooh oh !
  • Avatar for PicnicOnMars
    Love it! Never really listened to Deep Purple before, but this is great!
  • Avatar for wmcfaul
    i thought this was the misfits for a while dig up her bones
  • Avatar for Andrey_Romanov
    At the end of The Beatles - A Day In The Life
  • Avatar for pjfan320
    are grand funk railroad songs on this station?
  • Avatar for bratka9
    very good.
  • Avatar for tparks9243
    Love This Group!!!
  • Avatar for Liloucat
    nanana nanana ...classic !
  • Avatar for jwr257
    Is it me, but this is the 3rd song that I listened to this hour (Deep Purpole's Hush, Eddie Money,etc.), where this version is different than what I heard in my library. Did they swap out some of the songs?
  • Avatar for Kreib
    Хач, хач
  • Avatar for metalfuzzi666
  • Avatar for pplagiator
    Sza, Sza... \m/
  • Avatar for EraserKid
    It's a good song, but the production sucks.. Just saying, it needs more oomph I think.
  • Avatar for zepp44
    na nanan na!!!!! great driving song :)
  • Avatar for nasheee
    wow never knew theses guys came from my home county, that wiki info came in useful for once!
  • Avatar for Ro6er
  • Avatar for ANA1248
    Кто стучится в дверь ко мне? Это группа Дип Пурпле!
  • Avatar for BamBino1951
    It's amazing how popular this band was in it their prime. I like some of their stuff but at that time the lines were drawn in the sand between genres and mine was called Heavy Music at the time now known as prog rock.
  • Avatar for andymadden
    1968 was a damn fine year (at least for me and this song). HUSH!
  • Avatar for mustang11lver
  • Avatar for lottadogs
    I remember this...know all the nana na ...
  • Avatar for purple-dirk
    alltime Hit ...
  • Avatar for quickSS
    ..and what Blackmore was doing on guitar....was way ahead of it's time. I don't think he got his due appreciation then.
  • Avatar for TopHatTRex
    Great song, great band, great music. Why can't it still be that way? Now, "music" is teenaged boys that sound like little girls using auto tune to sound halfway decent.
  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    Hush...o yeah..their first hit... i remember it well
  • Avatar for omaha78
    Please the studio album---Not the terrible live recording ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for rockmetalrules
    love the dogs howling at the beginning.great song
  • Avatar for risico001
    Just a plain great song to drive fast to.
  • Avatar for nubjer
    meine jugend
  • Avatar for gmxxl
  • Avatar for dangergirl717
  • Avatar for Mr_Hobbit_Phaal
    Huš! :]
  • Avatar for HorstKrannich
    ein super klassiker
  • Avatar for falsamorena
    Banana Split
  • Avatar for RAGGLEMAN
    Goddamn that is one groovy mother. Love to hear the Glenn Hughes, Coverdale version of Purple do this. Funny how they rediscovered the funk around the Come Taste The Band period.
  • Avatar for rockandrolljoe
    Hush and Listen
  • Avatar for RevCorvette
    Flip my young ass OUT is what this did Back in the day> too good to be true is what my brain flowers told me
  • Avatar for mygodchris
    ...she broke my heart,but i love her just the same...
  • Avatar for TOTO9
    mmmm.... hat was mag aber andere sachen von denen lieber! TROTZDEM GUT!
  • Avatar for corky64
  • Avatar for Grimmoire
    Rod Evans > Ian Gillan
  • Avatar for ERIXWORX
    said it before and I'll say it again; check out that throbbin' deep purple organ!


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