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"Dedicated for life" is death-metal band from Macedonia, formed in the begining of 2001 in Skopje, when this four member crew made its first steps in the local hardcore scene. We all started from zero, none of the members had any kind of musical experience. After about a year and a half of very hard work we self released our demo which is recorded in very reduced conditions but it was made only to witness the songs that were made in that time. In beginning the music was fast sXe hc influenced by hardcore legends like mad ball, spermbirds, ryker's and gorilla biscuits among others. After the gigs we had in almost every city of our country, we started working on their debut called “By All Means”. If you listen to the songs on this album you'll realize what kind of music is made when war literally is “knocking on your door”, because every track that found its place on this album is written in abnormal circumstances, fueled only by the great will of the members to play. It's a curiosity to mention that when this project was finished we were 20 years old in average. The music on this album is true metalcore played with passion and sincerity. It's recorded and mastered by Geni and the band. The recording process took a month after it was completely finished (September – October 2004). Our biggest musical influences are At the Gates, The Haunted, Hatebreed, Lamb of God… but we are not similar to any of these bands because we bring unique mix of styles. After completing our debut “By All Means” we continued writing new material and we already have half of the new album ready.
In the meantime we suffered some line up changes but after we completed the line up we self released our record and made successful tour which ended in our hometown with a big gig with more 1100 people in the audience, which is really a lot. We also made videos for the songs “No Faith” & "Forever Gone".


Ognen Sapkovski(Guitar & Vocal)
Kiril Jakimovski (Lead Vocal)
Milan Simovski(Guitar)
Dragan Petrovski (Bass)
Dimitar Petrovski (Drums)


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