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  • Avatar for PP667
    'Til Ten Years'
  • Avatar for hurricane_mario
    Literally just found the demo in my library, with no idea how it got there, and I'm loving it. And I read later albums are Industrial Black Metal? Ever since Havoc Unit ended I'm always looking for more, but it's hard to come by.
  • Avatar for Chuzhbogh
    Yes, C.D. is great black thrash, i am listening to this album right at this moment. The industrial black metal hammering on Blasterpiece is also damn great (and challenging). Unfortunately i find Til ten years relatively unimpressing. Maybe this album needs more spins in my stereo.
  • Avatar for KeenanJohnston
    Completely Dehumanized is great. Looks like The Crypt is reissuing it in its "complete" form... apparently the label cut out a lot of samples on the original release. Curious to hear what it will sound like...
  • Avatar for Rockingape7
    Blasterpiece Theatre is still killing my brain cells and i love it.
  • Avatar for Slavicpast
    We came to wreck everything and ruin your life!
  • Avatar for acclamationsun
    In 2019 metal hammer will be saying Completely Dehumanized is the breakthrough metal album
  • Avatar for KBD39
    They were fuckin' far ahead of their fuckin' time. All their 3 Albums are fuckin' Masterpieces!
  • Avatar for TwiceAtGloaming
    also I hate that picture.
  • Avatar for TwiceAtGloaming
  • Avatar for Clauricaune
    'Til Ten Years' needs more love. [2]
  • Avatar for MorkTarMus
    Its the way of the new world...... HUH! [2] Always sing along to that bit! [2]
  • Avatar for excellentsword
    Its the way of the new world...... HUH! [2] Always sing along to that bit!
  • Avatar for Takkeri
    Blasterpiece theatre is completely unique album for me. It just creates atmospheres i've never encountered anywhere else. Love the use of lots of voice clips from movies etc.
  • Avatar for WCannibal
    'Till Ten Years > the rest
  • Avatar for LouisZypher
    I stayed in one place as long as I could...To hail the New Dawn and to be a Satanic human being....And reverse the karma of a ****** Jesus. I do declare...It's a fuckin' shame.
  • Avatar for excellentsword
    It's fucking brilliant! :DDD
  • Avatar for JJM1
    'til ten years' needs more love.
  • Avatar for D2k9
    хе хе, пацанчики на молокозаводе сфоткались
  • Avatar for Velkaarn
    Quite a difference between the old ([album artist=December Wolves]Wolftread[/album] & [album artist=December Wolves]'Til Ten Years[/album]) and "new" ([album artist=December Wolves]Completely Dehumanized[/album] ->) material. I've posted the old stuff [url=]here[/url]. It's more in an atmospheric and pagan vein than USBM or modern black metal/post-black metal.
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  • Avatar for pettigroo
    Its the way of the new world...... HUH!
  • Avatar for MichaelVader
    "Completely Dehumanized" is brilliant, I love me some Wolves!
  • Avatar for Takkeri
    Wow. Desperately seeking satan is very powerful stuff. Gotta find more of this band.
  • Avatar for hatedroll
    we are everywhere hah!
  • Avatar for Hororo
    The guitarist who now plays in Trap Them told me the original line up is back together and they are planning to record a new album. It's going to take time but it will probably come out at some point and it might be downloadable for free since they are not planning to tour.
  • Avatar for Manumal
    i'm listening to Blasterpiece Theatre, not so bad, they have some good death metal sounding riffs but in this type of industrial bm Aborym is much better
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  • Avatar for Feyri
    subliminal =]
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