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Deathpodal is a solo music project by Alastair J. Chivers.

Named after a failing and almost defunct entertainment capsule, he played his first show in Stavanger, Norway in 2003.

Deathpodal released his debut EP entitled Exu___Wow! in March 2010. He and his band have played with Islet, Team Ghost (ex-M83), Paul Research (The Scars), Uncle John & Whitelock, Hookers Green No. 1, Circulus, Galoshins, Min Diesel, Alan Cynic, Adam Stafford, Paws, RM Hubbert, Stomachs, Foundling Wheel, Boy Lacks Patience, Smithwork, Pete McConville, Las Gambas Pil Pil, Amber, Dumkoppf and The Jinx. Alastair has also performed in Dumbracket, The Martha Dumptruck Massacre, Masamune, Peter J Taylor (Action Beat) ensemble, Fighterplanes and currently with Battery Face.

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