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  • Avatar for Disvisonpunk86
    Fucking amazing and brutal track \m/
  • Avatar for GodofDeathMetal
    A nice and brutal song by Death! One of the best songs off Scream Bloody Gore.
  • Avatar for ilovemusix
    Fucking great
  • Avatar for xTHRxASHx
  • Avatar for nikzor
  • Avatar for Alan_Cieslar
    I love the tempo change at around 0:50.
  • Avatar for Nekronaut88
    Denial of Wife!
  • Avatar for Metalteifel
    what a song, what an album!
  • Avatar for run_to_the_hill
    death. Denial of life. I see what they did there.
  • Avatar for Robesko
    those riffs O.O
  • Avatar for DavCnuk
  • Avatar for Aserikoth
  • Avatar for Vader2097
    My favourite song from SBG....and one of the best Death Metal songs ever!
  • Avatar for KChippie1
    HAIL 2 CHUCK SCHULDINER [ D = E = A = T = H ]
  • Avatar for DeliciousVomit
    MinaseTaki the lyrics are obviously awesome ya fuckin nerd
  • Avatar for JeremyB666
    RIP Chuck Schuldiner!!
  • Avatar for Azzymetal
  • Avatar for DarkVampyricka
  • Avatar for Moira_85
    DEATH FOREVEEEEEERR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for megadave70
    I saw these guys on the Leprosy tour at the Cubby Bear in Chicago with Dark Angel - sweet!!!!
  • Avatar for dhomas
    The 80s live version is incredible!
  • Avatar for Cryptic_Fiend
    I agree. This is classic of Death.
  • Avatar for Cool_Devil
    classic of death
  • Avatar for MinaseTaki
    "Sacrificial cunt, I despise. Sacrificial cunt, no more lies." LOL. I don't know if to consider those lyrics laughable or awesome.
  • Avatar for gorguts87
    death fucking slays R.I.P. Chuck
  • Avatar for Joshnsg
    Real fucking Death Metal
  • Avatar for xxweirdwonderxx
    Great track.
  • Avatar for EternalDeath94
    Classic death metal. R.I.P chuck.
  • Avatar for majicray2112
    badass to the highest regard
  • Avatar for von_der_Kuh
    dhomas is fuckin right.. awesome song from scream bloody gore, maybe the best
  • Avatar for ubogy
  • Avatar for dhomas
    This is more brutal than any of the "brutal death metal" bands out there.
  • Avatar for metalassault
    death is at hand ! r.i.p. chuck miss ya man rob.
  • Avatar for ilovemusix
    The vocals are godly Deah for ever
  • Avatar for SonofKingD
    I am crawling out of my grave and headbanging to this song.
  • Avatar for JIRPPI
    Death rules
  • Avatar for Sharp-Ton
    Chuck = Guitar God
  • Avatar for DEATHLOSS
    death classic.
  • Avatar for haimkeissy
    one of the best guitar players to ever walk on the face of earth R.I.P
  • Avatar for jorgefischer
  • Avatar for Iconoclast999
    R. I. P. Chuck
  • Avatar for ValowxRawr
  • Avatar for Dragonaut2112
    My favorite off Scream Bloody Gore.
  • Avatar for chongbong
    R.I.P. Chuck!
  • Avatar for chongbong
  • Avatar for broodingcarcass
    R.I.P CHUCK!

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