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  • The soundtrack for Vampyr is glorious.
  • heavy broadcast vibes. very pleasant. [3]
  • Spöke låda
  • heavy broadcast vibes. very pleasant. [2]
  • @blueskin69 you watch too much TV
  • heavy broadcast vibes. very pleasant.
  • enganchado como un oso a la miel
  • The best group ever, I cannot stress that enough
  • Excellent!
  • Broadcast but spookier
  • Their soundtrack for Vampyr is amazing. I've never expected such a really nice library music under the name "Death and Vanilla" when I've started listening to it.
  • их песни в буквальном смысле космос, идеальные ребята
  • let me show the end to you
  • ~Broadcast
  • is it just me or do they look like sheldon and amy after years of marriage in the promo picture?
  • G0rn <3
  • Ghost Box
  • Just wow their self titled lp to me is a masterpiece!. see no hype at all and they delivered a top contender. much respect to this band for creating a scape of their own. such a gem!. mark my words this limited lp will be worth a ton by the end of the year. i kind of feel bad for the people who are missing out on them they deserve every bit of credit. in due time.
  • favorite!
  • yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay
  • We're enjoying your new album very much, as are many others it seems...congratulations, it sounds fantastic! xx
  • simply wonderful!
  • brilliant!!
  • and a concert planned in prague ?
  • more infomation please
  • Brilliant!
  • <3 beko. like how the background sounds like a 60s noir film with a femme fatale in it
  • I discovered you through your Bandcamp page. Thank you for these magnificently dark sounds. ;)
  • such a light music. very sweet
  • christ ghosts in the machine is great. shame its a lackluster name, but song names are a thing of the past anyway.
  • BEKO_ new digital single label_france a new single every monday! http://www.beko-dsl.com/ beko01-death & vanilla _

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