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  • Their first three albums are great, but I can't get into The Art of Dying and anything else after that.
  • Fucking amazing band, after a six year wait I got to see them again, songs from The Dream Calls For Blood were beyond outstanding
  • Here photos and impressions of the Berlin show:
  • New DA profile picture:
  • Check out ThrashGangsters new video clip "Terror Has Begun"
  • great great great great great band!!
  • Great band to listen to. They are great.
  • Act III
  • Fuckin' thrash!!!
  • Voracious Souls! Fucking amazing song!
  • why cant all metal be like this like real music lol
  • Their debut album The Ultra-Violence is still the BEST..essence of pure thrash...
  • the "new era" albums were all great, especially the last 2 ones. Thrash Metal how it should sound. great to see they didn't forget how to shred
  • best thrash band right now
  • the dream calls for blood is the best post 2010 thrash record i've heard.
  • Bay area thrash still kicks ass!!!
  • check out this group for exploring and sharing superb Old School Metal!
  • It's not metalcore, it's emo.
  • metalcore lolwat?
  • Great live band, I love these guys!!
  • Last 2 album Death Angel has brought it!!! Staying true to their music & not selling out, like a certain popular metal band from that era!
  • Pathetic attempt of Metalcore.
  • pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Death Angel
  • this band is great. it's hard to find really good thrash metal that doesn't sound like a bunch of jumbled crap.
  • A new find for me. I hadn't listened to them before. I'm impressed, they rock. \m/
  • Thrashers!
  • Epic show in Vienna, shame that the crowd was the worst ever.
  • New Album's massive, fixed what Soulfly's Savages has not been, a killer thrash Metal album in late 2013
  • Heaven And Hell cover on the new album is awesome! Totally adore!
  • The Ultra-Violence is the only one worth a fuck.
  • Great new album,they sure keep thrash metal fresh in 2013 :)
  • 'The Dream Calls For Blood' album review:
  • Great new album!
  • straight and heavy thrashing. new album is great. nice Heaven and Hell cover. Death Angel still kicks ass \m/
  • New album kick ass 5/5.
  • RR was better, true, but TDCfB is also awesome as hell. More focused on a full-on thrash attack and while I liked ballads and generally more melodic stuff of two earlier albums, it's impressive how they pulled off this kind of angry-as-hell release.
  • The Dream Calls For Blood is way better than R R.
  • Relentless Retribution > The Dream Calls For Blood
  • Loving the new album. One of the only 80s thrash outfits still releasing amazing stuff.
  • new album is decent, they're still thrash but they like adding some modern touches ofcourse...
  • @Kubina91 U-V is their best album, everything else is just a mere shadow of their debut
  • Actually, those songs released earlier are the worst from the album, I'm glad the rest is really good.
  • this is territorial instict ! easily one of their best works up to now. i'm so glad they can still make an album this good.
  • (The Dreams Call For Blood > Killing Season > Relentless Retribution > The Art Of Dying) < The Ultra-Violence The new album is brilliant :)
  • Not bad.


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