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  • Avatar for herrohellohi
    the guy belows me hates on everything jesus christ
  • Avatar for thrashketchum
    why would i ever wanna listen to happy black metal? this band makes no sense
  • Avatar for InTheOrchard
    New Bermuda feels like a much more metal record. A lot more riffs and a more metal production style. I'm into it.
  • Avatar for Epic_22
    just listen and enjoy it
  • Avatar for Yuki-Musume
    you're pretty stupid if you think deafheaven can't be classified as metal
  • Avatar for EDRORR
    As if this qualified as metal [2] and i like it
  • Avatar for colderskin
    yeah it ams not exactly the demo tape from my band Hestkuk. too digital
  • Avatar for nu_privet
    блять что за дефтонс
  • Avatar for Hestkuk_
    As if this qualified as metal.
  • Avatar for colderskin
    @herrohellohi listen to more music
  • Avatar for herrohellohi
    only metal band i like tbh
  • Avatar for AntunesLeandro
    tô meio triste porque acho que não vai rolar de ir no show :(
  • Avatar for exPassionFlower
    This is how it allegedly was five weeks ago in Zurich: :)!Cabaret-MYRKUR-DEAFHEAVEN-Rote-Fabrik-Z%C3%BCrich-31-3-2016/ic9gs/571368450cf2d6bf6ee76d40
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  • Avatar for cookedbacon
    pink metal
  • Avatar for ItsThiagoBanger
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  • Avatar for Ocupelapiedra
  • Avatar for cxmel
  • Avatar for myflowerofevil
    nao acredito mano...............
  • Avatar for matheus_viniz
  • Avatar for Fucked_Up-Freak
  • Avatar for pedrooruiz
    VEM MONSTRO!!![2]
  • Avatar for bruno_avilar
  • Avatar for atraso
  • Avatar for RaulRodriguez6
    Vem monstro!!!
  • Avatar for good_bone
    New Bermuda will show up here once we import our new catalogue to the live site.
  • Avatar for creepymario
    How is New Bermuda not even on this page? wtf (2)
  • Avatar for elcruusto
    Gay metal fan here on recommendation from a complete fucking idiot
  • Avatar for myflowerofevil
    que banda linda de bonita meu deus do ceu
  • Avatar for ShuriK_Minsk
    The Pecan Tree is just overwhelming with feelings! Rich , captivating sound of Sunbather is unbelivable! What an awesome band!
  • Avatar for Tchock_
    @John_Spectre Would Lantlos and Alcest be as popular as Deafheaven if they were from US and recieved the same endorsement/marketing/hype, etc.?
  • Avatar for Trveheimer
    new bermuda sucks.
  • Avatar for CowbopBebop
    ITS 5AM.
  • Avatar for Heimdar
    I saw them with Myrkur in Barcelona... what an incredible night.
  • Avatar for WAVE-DASH
    How is New Bermuda not even on this page? wtf
  • Avatar for John_Spectre
    I agree with Borreh. They make a somewhat generic sound compared to other blackgaze bands (just listen to Alcest, Lantlôs and Amesoeurs); the atmospheric and clean parts are also bland compared to black metal, post-rock and post-metal (Burzum, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Explosions in the Sky, Isis etc.). Now, sometimes there are some interesting things in there, like the beginning of "The Pecan Tree", which has tremolo guitars just like My Bloody Valentine - not only having a wall of distortion but actually using the same techniques as 90's shoegaze bands, which is really cool and it's something I don't see many blackgaze bands doing. At the end, though, they are simply too much average. Maybe that's the reason for their success. That and the fact that they play in mainstream festivals.
  • Avatar for coffeeya
    nick bassett
  • Avatar for Monoracerpilot
    Glad I had the chance to talk to Clarke, nice guy. Generally all of them were pretty chill from what I could tell from very brief interactions. I'd happily check out more of their live shows.
  • Avatar for introvertical
    “It’s the reason we don’t call ourselves a black metal band, because we’re not. We’re influenced by it, but we don’t have the ethos, the aesthetic or really the sound of one at this point, because there are way too many other influences in our sound. And that’s not just from the post-rock thing either, we have influences from alternative rock, Slayer and early Metallica."
  • Avatar for sataneka
    amazing band. i love the atmosphere, i love the drumming, i love the blast beats, i love the vocals. i discovered them a few weeks ago, first track i listened to was Dream House. fell in-love with them.
  • Avatar for dawnclover
    "I want to like them but after yet another try I can't stop thinking that, well, they're average, there are many bands which do this kind of music much better." This says it all. Band is just not connecting with you which is fine. Tastes are tastes. I like their atmosphere a lot, and I know what it is trying to make me feel most of the time, and sure sometimes it's there just to create atmosphere which is also fine, atmosphere doesn't need a feeling attached at all times. What for some is generic for others is engaging, it's all about taste.
  • Avatar for Borreh
    Probably my "least" favourite part about them is the atmosphere. It's just... Unfocused. It's not "happy and nostalgic in an ecstatic way" like most blackgaze, neither is it dark like most BM. It's somewhere in the middle, and this doesn't come off as original, but as bland. I don't know what the music wants me to feel. First some semi-uplifting post-rock guitars that play mediocre melodies, then a random black metal part, and then a clean guitar section that, yet again, doesn't play a single good melody nor does it do any sort of moody ambience. It's... Just there. Like the rest of Deafheaven's music. That's all what I can say about this band, at least now. Maybe they're better live.
  • Avatar for Borreh
    I don't get what people see in this band, both lovers and haters. I don't get all the hate because what they're doing is basicaly generic blackgaze that was already done by Alcest, Lantlos or Les Discrets, nothing special about it. Well, apart from being a small bit more "black metal" than the rest (Maybe that's where all the hate is coming from?). I don't get all the love for them because they're really average. I want to like them but after yet another try I can't stop thinking that, well, they're average, there are many bands which do this kind of music much better.
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    senta na pika e rebola [2]
  • Avatar for matheus_viniz
    senta na pika e rebola
  • Avatar for fuknwastd
    "Gorgeous and thick" That's how the gay one likes it. Also New Bermuda cover art looks like Kerry got Bukkake'd.
  • Avatar for dickchappy69
    i agree mybloodyprofile, it's really amazing. I am really in love with the composition and writing in it, so gorgeous and thick.
  • Avatar for mybloodyprofile
    Wow. Dick.


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