• Amherst Scottish Festival -- good times.

    19 Aug 2007, 00:52 by burlapwax

    Just got back from the Amherst Scottish Festival and Highland Games a couple of hours ago. Great bands there this year -- a lot of fantastic pipers. The MacKenzie Highlanders (Youngstown, N.Y.) were one of the really good ones...I need to make a Letchworth State Park Highland Games again. They have full-grade pipe band competitions, whereas the Amherst one is more of an exposition.

    On the stage, there were a number of good local bands (Stone Row and Penny Whiskey among them), most of whom I missed; Jess and I managed to see the last two bands performing, though: Rathkeltair and Cantrip. Rathkeltair is a US-based band, Scottish-based bagpipe rock. The piper, Neil Anderson, is a real virtuoso; possibly the fastest performance I've seen of the Atholl Highlanders. And that was blended into that Steely Dan jig...forget the name. Overall a fun band, a little wanky at times on the solos, but trad they're not. Fun.

    Cantrip was awesome... …