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  • Avatar for Foxiya
  • Avatar for machineheadroks
    awesome band and unique i love this band so much
  • Avatar for Gardenerella
    Not Bad)
  • Avatar for Kudalcev
  • Avatar for creamsicklesky
    can't wait to hear Blame it on the Devil in full
  • Avatar for gothicrockster
    I love so much this group...deadstar assembly forever <3
  • Avatar for AlexandreHayes
  • Avatar for lxnneke
    Hoping for a European tour sometime soon.
  • Avatar for My_Sharona
    ...and ashes will fall<3
  • Avatar for brownieboy
    Remember discovering them one day at school bored, at the time muse had a track called "Dead Star" so i ended up typing and found this interesting band.... Their sound blew me away when i first heard it.
  • Avatar for iuytreza
    I like the 1st two albums better. Though, let's wait for their next album : Adorned In Thorns (2012)
  • Avatar for ChibiFan7
    Can't wait until there the next album
  • Avatar for Gracefallen
    Hey cuties. (: I am currently at the second place - the first I will reach with your help! If I'll win, you'll see me in the next video of Jesus On Extasy. ;) Thanks for the already existing Likes, you're great ...and all the others who have not yet voted for me - please be so kind and like my picture; first like the band, then you can like the photo. ♥
  • Avatar for fear_desu
    Охуенные ребятки, последние три месяца только ими и заслушиваюсь) Ну, и требую МОАР естественно!))
  • Avatar for kawaii-chan
    Made my day.
  • Avatar for LiamEBM
    Killing Myself Again, :P Love that sound at the beginning of the song
  • Avatar for zimmycat
    New pic:
  • Avatar for ChibiFan7
    Check this group out.
  • Avatar for Mortealle
    love them all. and spit on other people's opinions...)
  • Avatar for evylwyzyrd
  • Avatar for hollyfrench
  • Avatar for induxtrial
    los conocere
  • Avatar for Igxxx
    Dro <3
  • Avatar for YellofFright
    New review of "coat of Arms" On my zine, Brutal Resonance.
  • Avatar for SashaPrestig
    Они же чудесны!
  • Avatar for sheenaSpellman
    DSA ♥ DRO ♥♥
  • Avatar for DEADVID13
    cool Music \m/
  • Avatar for Throne777
    Their updated version of the song 'Breathe For Me' isn't as good as the original. Shame because the first album is a bitch to get hold of.
  • Avatar for Spiralchords
    Check out this video interview with DeadStar Assembly at Germany's Summer Breeze Festival:
  • Avatar for OlwenLAST
    Dearborn & The Dro <33
  • Avatar for PigsCanFly2day
    Going to see them at Triton Festival in Coney Island NYC labor day weekend (Sep 3-5). It's going to be awesome! Icon of Coil. Celldweller. Apoptygma Berzerk. Clan of Xymox. And tons more...
  • Avatar for Psychosocial999
    New lp very great =)
  • Avatar for Penchii
    great sound. :)
  • Avatar for LadyMaggie
  • Avatar for OlwenLAST
    My favorite band <3
  • Avatar for Alpha71
    Ah welll the last one "curtains" is also listenable...
  • Avatar for Alpha71
    Had to hear the new album for a review.... wonder why they wasted the 2nd half the CD ??? This is mostly "new metal"... the first half is way better and faster (and no annoying clean vox)... strange cd.
  • Avatar for yarik-IIIapuk
    Yea, every next album is better than previous. It would be very interesting to listen to the next album in 2014. You have to hear this band, it's really awesome! Мда, каждый следующий альбом лучше предыдущего. Будет очень интересно послушать следующий в 2014. Ты должен слышать эту группу, это действительно нечто!
  • Avatar for Inquisitor273
    Вполне неплохо.
  • Avatar for paulox0
    i love this band[2]
  • Avatar for Olli6
    I love this band
  • Avatar for KoRnCHILD
    new album is way better than 2, maybe return of MuBo helped Them??
  • Avatar for levyathan
    The new album is very good. You play all the songs and enjoy.
  • Avatar for InquisitorAles
    Coat Of Arms unexpectedly nice. But again it's not industrial
  • Avatar for Bloodless777
    The best band ever!! Don't even say that they are shit!
  • Avatar for Dyonisio
    They sound pretty good to me. Dislike the image though.
  • Avatar for MarsBlitz
    Да, Send me and angel очень хорошо получилась в их исполнении
  • Avatar for Lost_Souls_UK
    No one above 16 can legitimately listen to a band that markets themselves in this way.
  • Avatar for bwomp3
  • Avatar for hauzen
    Yeah this is what's known as industrial metal matter of factly. How many dollars are you other holes making off your albums and shows? Lady Ga Ga listening yuppies.


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