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Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society is a steampunk band from the Pacific Northwest. The project began in August of 2007, formed by Robert Hazelton (the former guitar player of Abney Park). Erica Roberts joined the project in January of 2008 as the lead singer. Bass lines were provided by Kryzstof Nemeth of Sinforsa/Abney Park fame and Robert Gardunia who has taken on the role of live performer.


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  • The 'meh' makes me sad. I don't hear Lady Gaga myself. I think that, depending on the song, she's pretty amazing. Clockwork Dream hit for me big time and Tea Party does it for me too.
  • Erica Roberts sounds like Lady Gaga somehow. Her voice ...[2] And this is what *I* think : MEH
  • I bought from CD Baby. Not my typical source and I felt like an idiot when I found it on iTunes later. I just saw that their new CD is coming out. Carnival theme sounds absolutely amazing. A must buy when it's digital even though the pre-order sounds hot. Remastered tracks of Clockwork Dreams stuff? Count me in. Question is: will they release them later? Is it okay that bands have DLC? :P I say yes.
  • Anyway I've bought it weeks ago (with a hard work of search, as italian online shops doesn't have it) now waiting to buy the first album from the melodeath/steampunk metal band Narval. Just wanted to say what *I* think about what is good for bands and not.
  • Also: There was an italian band I saw some times ago in a far away town in mountain, they were great and loud and skilled but no real business going on, as they had 300 copy of their auto-product first album and no one to sell to. I bought one copy and ripped it for myself, then I share it with my friends and they ended up buying the album, someone of them shared it with others on internet. The band emailed me giving me thanks: they sold the 300 copies ALL AROUND THE WORLD in one month.
  • @Moestitia - LULZ. In this world there is still someone so blind to new music system? So, let's put on an example. Abney Park leaked albums can be found everywhere, even on steampunk blogs that shouldn't have that sort of things in. And thank to leaked albums I discovered of Abney Park (and a very lot of other bands) and now I've all their albums original or in legit download when I couldn't found the physic copy. The fact is: no leak, no new people listening, trying and interesting on the band. No new people getting in touch with the music = the poor little people who found out that this music exist won't buy it in the 90% of cases, as no one they know has ever heard about them and can't even have a full listen to see what it truly is. And also, can't share with friends obviously. If you decide to take an album out of internet, you decide to let the band die.
  • @MarikLunatic - it's on iTunes, and on their webstore. It's not really supporting the artist if they download it all for free.
  • Please someone upload Accoutrements & Oddities in the web, it's a shame so many people can't get in touch with that wonderful work and never knew of it..
  • Erica Roberts sounds like Lady Gaga somehow. Her voice ...
  • beau dresses!!!!!! wow

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