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  • Avatar for CrystalBlue04
    Pontus is indeed back as clean vocalist and I am so loving it~
  • Avatar for Aus_Weis
    сопливая фигня, но послушать можно
  • Avatar for Skyrim_Din4
  • Avatar for Dogger_Dog
    I fell asleep listening to this and my left ball fucking exploded
  • Avatar for MrLordi27
    First album is the best imo
  • Avatar for metaloly999
    forget to scrobbling this band
  • Avatar for Robula
    I like the music but it really grinds me just how much he autotunes his vocals. It's cheap, shoddy and shouldn't be used, anywhere. I guess that's what happens when you step into the realm of Pop music.
  • Avatar for bloomber2
    Лучшие треки: Freeze frame, incomparable, as a butterfly (в плане музыки). Текста довольно отстойные и посредственные.
  • Avatar for iPowers
    So glad that Pontus is the clean vocalist again. Hearing him with the new screamer is definitely going to be epic as fuck for the next album.
  • Avatar for Avrr
    pop голимый [2]
  • Avatar for iPowers
    Fanboyism. Stoffe sounds very similar to Jimmie in a lot of ways. And he's snarlier, which is a rarity in the type of music that DbA plays. So if anything, Stoffe is the LESS generic one of the two. [2]
  • Avatar for MoDesT-
    Мне они нравились, когда там был Джимми Стримелл.
  • Avatar for Syndicaidramon
    Fanboyism. Stoffe sounds very similar to Jimmie in a lot of ways. And he's snarlier, which is a rarity in the type of music that DbA plays. So if anything, Stoffe is the LESS generic one of the two.
  • Avatar for Plummad
    Can't wait for a new album to be honest. I still think their second album was thier best (in terms of song structure, lyrics and so on). I just hope they get a decent their latest album sounded really generic scream wise.
  • Avatar for Syndicaidramon
    The cleans are literally the only thing that is better about the debut album...
  • Avatar for Cheremenin
    8 string pop
  • Avatar for h8olol
    pop голимый
  • Avatar for edijs023
    Jimmie is back in a band called My Collapse:
  • Avatar for HerFadingSmile
    I did a new vocal cover, this time for dead by april's infinity x infinity
  • Avatar for iPowers
    Just found out the original clean vocalist is going to do vocals again. Can't fucking wait. Prefer the cleans on the first album anyways.
  • Avatar for iPowers
    I love this band but nothing beats the first album. It was way more unique and less poppy. Love all their stuff though.
  • Avatar for Syndicaidramon
    Dreamshade just released their new single and it is amazing! Must-listen for every fan of Modern Melodic Metal.
  • Avatar for Riftrunner
    Был сегодня на их концерте в клубе RE:PUBLIC в Минске, Беларусь. Понравилось, мошились немного. Состав, конечно, изменился. На вокале Понтус, Кристофер Андерсон на гроулинге. Чуваки какие-то прикольные у них на разогреве были... Новые песни Понтус пел с листка)) Не выучил еще наверное. Рубашки стоили по 200 000, диски по 150 000 бел. руб. С удовольствием схожу еще раз.
  • Avatar for Rymbu
    Классная группа, пускаю по кругу
  • Avatar for Flyofsoul
    в воло ништяк все было, бодрячком....
  • Avatar for FearMyThoughts
    Just came from theirs concert. Great perfomance. Thank u for coming to Volgograd. <3
  • Avatar for Syndicaidramon
    Honestly, with no offence intended at Jimmie -- I like Stoffe a lot more. I wish he had been there since the beginning.
  • Avatar for Syndicaidramon
    @Borannditt: Why? Stoffe is a perfectly good screamer.
  • Avatar for MJinmymind
    haha that coment..
  • Avatar for cosm1chaos
    backstreet boys metal, but i like it :)
  • Avatar for Borannditt
    Well, i hope Pontus can keep the level of this band, but i think they must search for another screamer
  • Avatar for Oshankeuichi
    Miss Zandro~
  • Avatar for makushka1 much better)
  • Avatar for Lextasys
    Another new lineup..again!
  • Avatar for Lextasys
    Not a great loss. I mean, he can't sing on the stage, just in the studio. (Autotune <3) Studio singer, that's all. Make Pontus as main vocalist - He's a great composer, and he has a great voice. Unfortunately, we do not hear too often. Go Pontus!
  • Avatar for Syndicaidramon
    Holy shit, Zando left? Maybe they can get someone better this time around. Someone who will also push to make the band better, with better lyrics and with more than just chug-guitars. :D
  • Avatar for Slipknot58Rus
  • Avatar for adamagedone
    Zandro left the band
  • Avatar for rusverm Dead by April – Within My Heart лучшая песня жанра, крайне высоко оценена в критике рок песен.
  • Avatar for rusverm Лучший мужской экстрим вокал?
  • Avatar for rusverm лучшая тяжелая песня в живую?
  • Avatar for rusverm опрос лучшая тяжелая песня в живую?
  • Avatar for Extreme_Killer
    •?((¯°·._.• нαтєяѕ ℓσνє тнєм •._.·°¯))؟•
  • Avatar for makushka1
    альбом неплох. но в звучании много дробления песка
  • Avatar for Syndicaidramon
    V I think you mean Incomparable > both other albums, which are lame. The first one because it's too melancholic and LtWK because it's boring, aside from Empathy, Freeze Frame and the guitar solo in "Beautiful Nightmare".
  • Avatar for Stormehange
    Dead by April > Let the World Know > Incomparable
  • Avatar for rusverm Dead By April – Empathy высоко оценена в критике рок песен.
  • Avatar for assHot989
    no Jimmie no Dead by April
  • Avatar for magicznybueno
    Dead By April still alive without Jimmie [2]
  • Avatar for DarkShifter
    for gods sake remove the melodic death metal tag, this band uses only some elements from MDM, but has never ever played anything even close to melodic death metal. P.S new album is good, better than icomparable. Beautiful nightmare,Hold on and By tommorow are very good songs.


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