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  • Avatar for Alarus-Lar
    Great band. Was.
  • Avatar for Hephaistoast
    @stupidPity : Oui c'est ce que je dis.
  • Avatar for HDS7
    Full band retrospective and free discography download is available on the Abridged Pause Blog:
  • Avatar for ponedilok
    "Beyond Sympathy" sounds awesome. Go help them to make whole album
  • Avatar for junkyard_god
    this band is hardly indicative of the maine music scene ill tell you that right fucking now
  • Avatar for stupidPity
    @Hephaistoast No, that is another band. Thrash metal band from France.
  • Avatar for Hephaistoast
    Seems the album "From Rust to Dust" is from this band :
  • Avatar for sexsixsic
    Hi people!!! Please check out our band from Kazakhstan! We are SLAMEDOZER
  • Avatar for Deathspawner
    Such an underrated band. I need to get down to Maine from NB soon and catch a show.
  • Avatar for deadseason
    Thanks for your positive comments everyone. We just uploaded the tracks to our new ep "The Negative NUMBers", enjoy!
  • Avatar for nanny-kaya
    Love them! :)
  • Avatar for ponedilok
    New EP "The Negative NUMBers" is very good!
  • Avatar for Valdis20
    t3h_duk3, what are you talking about? There is shit in your trousers, fucking moron. This band is great \m/
  • Avatar for Flash-20
    much better than Killswitch!:)
  • Avatar for zetor1989
  • Avatar for SCOPETRIED
    It's Very Cool Music:))
  • Avatar for Br4inP4iN
    great music
  • Avatar for h8kate
    awesome band >_<
  • Avatar for EpiCRyKn0W
    Very glad to have this band represent Maine. MAINE'AAHS 4 EVA!
  • Avatar for butterflyvic
    Asolutely in <3
  • Avatar for t3h_duk3
    the real dead season is from central jersey and was created before this shit nu metal band. i am embarrassed to have my charts get mixed up with this garbage.
  • Avatar for Gunslingerar88
    just got into this band, so damn lucky they poped up on cuz im not sure if I would have ever goten a chance to listen to them. 2 best songs imo are "for the radio" and the cover "thunder rolls"
  • Avatar for alkimo
    Is this good y/n?
  • Avatar for METALIN-MAINA37
    All you fags who say Dead Season sucks, don't know music! That means you: The faget with the queer handle bar mustache,the guy with a pic of "Nick and Norahs infinite playlist, the dude with the picture of trees and the loser trying to play guitar!
  • Avatar for vmorda
    Haven't heard all of their stuff yet, just the two EPs and they remind me of Black Flood Diesel or earlier Godsmack, kickass stuff +++
  • Avatar for underoath_
    that's right ! )
  • Avatar for bloodyscouser
    new album is amazing!!!
  • Avatar for bloodyscouser
    amazing band!
  • Avatar for DOOM911
    оч понравились)) Ню жив ,господа!
  • Avatar for Kir3
    ахренительная банда
  • Avatar for BenOnUserstyles
    WHOAH! Reminds me of dreadnaut.
  • Avatar for BenOnUserstyles
    Listening to cancer...
  • Avatar for Colton45
    I hate these guys so much, look at those chains, they are trying so hard. Not to mention the music sucks.
  • Avatar for BagOfGlass
    I wish Maine had good bands.
  • Avatar for chuck_hartford
    These guys are awful and are extremely gay. They totally suck at playing music.
  • Avatar for Gvaz
    the tracks 12 and towards the bottom if the 6th month charts ARE NOT DEAD SEASON SONGS.
  • Avatar for Gvaz
    fuck no, this isnt nu-metal
  • Avatar for Gvaz
    come on you guys! talk about dead season!

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