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  • Avatar for Tom--Hanks
    Probably the best punk song ever [3]
  • Avatar for Cassandra-Leo
    Probably the best punk song ever [2]
  • Avatar for Phthalo_blue
    Great song, but it basically boils down to being about ignorance. People living "happily" in America/Europe/Whatever, thinking they know everything, when there are people dying in poorer nations, being forced to kill, then killed themselves, living in squalor, etc.
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    Good song
  • Avatar for BeatlesandOasis
    One of the coolest guitar songs ever
  • Avatar for bloody72
    pozdrowienia z Gierałtowic
  • Avatar for fullmooninu,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/1876yaa9mv1t9jpg.jpg
  • Avatar for fullmooninu
    so much yes
  • Avatar for shoegazefan
  • Avatar for ForestFloor
    great song
  • Avatar for Ivartist
    Another Punk master piece by DK. Fucking amazing band.
  • Avatar for rOnieAirhead
    Probably the best punk song ever
  • Avatar for HayleighRayment
    And the one
  • Avatar for HayleighRayment
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  • Avatar for HayleighRayment
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  • Avatar for HayleighRayment
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  • Avatar for HayleighRayment
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  • Avatar for HayleighRayment
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  • Avatar for HayleighRayment
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  • Avatar for HayleighRayment
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  • Avatar for HayleighRayment
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  • Avatar for HayleighRayment
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  • Avatar for HayleighRayment
    Where's my delicious golden stuffed turkey curry Fiona and Blair p.s could you please ask uuuia when she said that tree slogan to me and she's out of order
  • Avatar for Phoelich
    This song is truly awesome!! Powerful lyrics and great guitar play
  • Avatar for postmortem2
    Ohhhh wie lang ist das jetzt schon her.... toll wieder zu hören! Klassiker
  • Avatar for YoQueSe666
    If attacking global politics is your aim, then punk music is one of the best mediums to do it through! The Dead Kennedys do not hold back on this track in which they condemn the infamous Pol Pot dictatorship in Cambodia, and trash the complacent westerner who’s oblivious to it all. The Kennedys know who’s to blame, and they live a lot closer to home than we’d care to admit! Just edging out the band’s “Too Drunk to Fuck”, this track’s too angry to overlook! -- watchmojo
  • Avatar for Mickyby
    one of the best bands! up the with The Scientists!!!!!
  • Avatar for buttereastwood
    hahahhaahh, perfeito!
  • Avatar for Zanderich
    Where you'll kiss ass OR CRAaAaAaAaAck!
  • Avatar for rOnieAirhead
    A true classic
  • Avatar for punkmorg
    You just have to love this song
  • Avatar for ravenpryde
    That's Portuguese not Spanish Kikyo...
  • Avatar for cerealkiller_x
  • Avatar for LostImeem
    Jello Biafra will appear on the popular, slightly underground sit com "Portlandia" this coming season.
  • Avatar for johnfoxx
    while your boss gets richer off you!
  • Avatar for viniciusturner
    música muito boa, Jello Biafra é realmente muito bom em fazer criticas em forma de musica
  • Avatar for IndigoRead
    the intro is about the only thing I can play on base
  • Avatar for artificialgimp
  • Avatar for TommyRot2013
    Great song!
  • Avatar for houndsoflove1
  • Avatar for spudnikscousin
    Love the multi-layered comments on society
  • Avatar for EricHart
    I forgot how amazing this song really was. It's been years...
  • Avatar for cambricpulse
  • Avatar for tresfoufou
  • Avatar for ati1978
    jellos voice is pathetic!
  • Avatar for briantheunholy
    people dress in black.,.,.,.,. sounds like a cool place,.,.
  • Avatar for Spaceman-T
    Definitive psych punk rock !
  • Avatar for steve__
    Fucking amazing song.
  • Avatar for bazooka-joe76
    El Clásico
  • Avatar for EdwardBell
    I listened to them about 21 years ago; liked this piece so much!


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