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  • Perfect in Little Miss Sunshine, and perfect again in Misfits. I do prefer the instrumental version though.
  • Little Miss Sunshine
  • :'))
  • What a delicious song!
  • Gears of War 2
  • hope encircling melancholy [3]
  • When I heard this song from the Gears Of War 3 trailer I love how it blended so well with the game. So looked it up an found it and from there on I enjoy this song when I'm down.
  • beauty vocals ... instrumentation is lush yet still restrained somehow. Pretty perfect.
  • This should be listened to every morning :)
  • legitimately one of my most favorite songs ever sigh [2]
  • nice one
  • legitimately one of my most favorite songs ever sigh
  • lovely indeed, and so beautiful
  • just lovely
  • <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  • Curtis т_т
  • Thanks, MisFits Goodbye, sweet Curtis T_T
  • oh dammit
  • Simply a great song that I would love to see Live
  • sinking hearts
  • Hope encircling melancholy [2]
  • Extremely beautiful!
  • Very good song
  • I wish I could love this song endlessly. Absolutely perfect.
  • Hope encircling melancholy
  • This song was in a Gears commercial where marcus and dom are going into the dark tunnles to fight the monsters. It starts with Marcus sitting by a tree and dom holding a picture of his missing wife. Then they show a sniper looking through a scope, and he sees a flower in the wasteland. It ends with Marcus and Dom opening the door to the darkness.
  • one of the songs that got me through a really tough breakup. <3.
  • I can't get enough of this song.
  • <3 <3
  • too painful
  • <33333
  • loveeeeeeeee
  • My first true loved song. it's really no wonder it's their most popular.
  • When I heard this when I was watching a trailer for Gears Of War and it seems to fit it well. Because what they were going through and see if they can end this war they are having, plus what was happening to Dom was sad..still have the trailer on my Xbox 360, watch it when I feel sad.
  • this song...perfection.
  • I heard this song on Little Miss Sunshine and it's pretty awesome. I prefer just the instrumental but it's still lovely with his voice as well.
  • :3
  • Does it ever get better than this?
  • brilliant song
  • So much like Mad Rush by Philip Glass...
  • Had this in my headphones as I watched my girlfriend at the time drive off into the distance to college. Last time I saw her as what she was to me...
  • Makes life seem meaningful.
  • woah
  • adorable ode man ,loved it so much .tis ode makes my night perfect <3 <3 <3
  • I listened to this song during my first break-up - needless to say, it fit well.
  • Brilliant. Another top suggestion Last FM!
  • breathtaking
  • A glitchhop remix. Like Star Slinger. Please tell me what you think.


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