• Concerts I've seen (2003-...)

    6 Feb 2010, 21:37 by Franz_F89

    1995 (Les Ardentes 2011)
    2 Many DJ's 4x (Rock Werchter 2006, Rock Werchter 2008, Rock Werchter 2009, Pukkelpop 2010)
    50 Cent (Pukkelpop 2009)
    65daysofstatic (Dour Festival 2009)

    A-TRAK (Pukkelpop 2008)
    Absynthe Minded 4x (Rock Werchter 2006, Rock Werchter 2010, Couleur Cafe 2011, Lokerse Feesten 2012)
    Admiral Freebee 4x (Rock Werchter 2005, 0110 Festival 2006, TW Classic 2014, Cactus Festival 2014, Crammerock 2014)
    The Afghan Whigs (Pukkelpop 2012)
    Agnes Obel (Les Ardentes 2011)
    Albert Hammond Jr. (support Coldplay 2008)
    Alborosie 2x (Dour Festival 2009, Couleur Cafe 2011)
    alt-J 2x (Pukkelpop 2012, Rock Werchter 2013)
    AlunaGeorge (Pukkelpop 2013)
    Amatorski (Kultuurkaffee 2010)
    Amenra 11x (Nijdrop 2008, Pukkelpop 2008, Dour Festival 2009, Ancienne Belgique 2012, STUK 2013, Dour Festival 2013, Pukkelpop 2013, Trix 2013, Nijdrop 2014, Vooruit 2014, Jobrock 2014)
    Amon Tobin (Dour Festival 2013)
    An Pierlé & White Velvet 2x (Nijdrop 2007, Les Ardentes 2011)
    Andy C 2x (Dour Festival 2009, Les Ardentes 2010)
  • An update

    29 Apr 2006, 15:01 by Andastre

    So what has been happening in my ears the last two months? A quick update...

    Bikini Kill:
    They rock! I jumped like a fool around on their music. Especially Rebel Girl. Their lyrics are cool too. I'm not really a big lyrics-listener, but when I heard them, I was like: Wow, hot =P

    I love him! What do you need more than some a Martini, candle light, a computer and Buscemi, to get some inspiration to write? This is my late-night-favourite!

    Got to know them through radio. They are okay for some time, but now I'm quite tired of their music. Well, the music fitted my mood that time.

    Jeff Buckley:
    I always thought him to be some kind of old dry singer-songwriter, but actually he's quite nice. In particular Hallelujah. I ALWAYS get goose bumps from that song. I'm still doubting about what version of Hallelujah I like the best: Jeff Buckley's or Rufus Wainwright's.

    Le Tigre:
    Fantastic music! Also the kind that makes me dance around like a fool. I really adore them. T.K.O. rocks!
  • De La Vega

    25 Aug 2005, 13:42 by trINITr0n

    Juist cd van De la Vega gekocht na een aangename kennismaking op marktrock.. het stopte zelfs even met regenen ! :)