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  • Avatar for Buck63760
    Masterpiece !!!
  • Avatar for mattdh12
    This track makes me so happy
  • Avatar for DarthKnowl
    The best group in the Native
  • Avatar for Colonia89
    Amazingly good :)
  • Avatar for ManDirky
    I remember listening to this before I even knew about the MJ-Song. smh...
  • Avatar for Prederick
    This has so many less listens than it deserves.
  • Avatar for thclizard
    EMJAY1970: Dope on vinyl, yes indeed. The days when hip-hop meant something more than big-titty-bitties, street-cred and bling...
  • Avatar for EMJAY1970
    Im old enough to remember when these guys were New Skool. Crazy song. Dope on Plastic
  • Avatar for Reesdog
    Thats just a cool song...
  • Avatar for Flesh-n-Bone
    Can't believe it took me around 2 years to truly appreciate and love this song. I guess it needed separate hearing cause when I listened to the album, it never stood out or anything. But on it's own, it's a killer cut!
  • Avatar for Atightradio
    Yes!!! indeed the real deal grown man music.
  • Avatar for ordinarynslow
    Super chill.
  • Avatar for boehj
    the finest jazz to be put on a hip hop record, ever.
  • Avatar for zenstate08
    duely noted.
  • Avatar for jimgravy845
    takes me back to the best live hip-hop show I've ever seen. If you aint seen De La live, I would advise you stop at nothin short of murder to get yourself a ticket (maybe not even that, it's your conscience...)
  • Avatar for LoveComeDown83
  • Avatar for sherrymiddleton
    I MISS This stuff man!!!
  • Avatar for steveisms
    YEAH !!!........................
  • Avatar for aticcshop
    DeLa the Souls of Hip Hop,, Salute!
  • Avatar for PALITH
    muito estaile!!!
  • Avatar for emapia
    i can't help it .. so cool .. how can you not love MJ and De La Soul ..
  • Avatar for LisaVee1976
  • Avatar for camillohead
    love it
  • Avatar for kryptonbornson
    One of my favoritess track ever. Both this and the Michale Jackson joint.
  • Avatar for DreaMilano
    "I can't help it" on the background... that's priceless...
  • Avatar for infamouspoet
    wow...a throwback from my nappy head......7th grade years
  • Avatar for Alskidos
    Break of Dawn. Nigga I was there !!!! Shit was crazy.
  • Avatar for MusiQ3985
    Don't forget MJ's "I Can't Help It" is mixed in there prominently as well.
  • Avatar for goodgreatgrand
    @ 2Serenity...yup, which was in fact composed by stevie wonder. also, the chorus is a sample from smokey robinson's quiet storm. quite the inadvertant collabo!
  • Avatar for IAJP
    this track is seriously awesome
  • Avatar for silverstreet
    "Let's round em up and get em back to the hotel... motel... holiday-inn-fact!" Haha love it!
  • Avatar for MFkanYe89
    i wish they had the album version
  • Avatar for 80sfever
    Hard-hitting beat + mellow sample = Love
  • Avatar for squiggins
    Album version's a lot better
  • Avatar for mattdh12
    the video is great
  • Avatar for 2Serenity
    Sweet..they mixed Michael Jackson's Can't Help It If I Wanted too here (Off the Wall).
  • Avatar for Lhunagar
    ah one two, ah one two..

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