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With the name De Facto there exist at least four bands.

1. De Facto were a / side project of Cedric Bixler Zavala, and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of The Mars Volta, keyboardist Isaiah Ikey Owens, and soundman Jeremy Michael Ward.
2. De Facto is a greek / band from Edessa/Thessaloniki.
3. De Facto is a Hungarian christian / band
4. De Facto is a Silesian / band

1. The original band consisted of Omar, Cedric, and Jeremy playing local shows around their home town, El Paso, Texas. Cedric says, "Yeah actually we used to be called the Sphinktators, that was early De Facto, just more ." Omar was actually the singer of the Sphinktators and remembers, "We used sounds, Cedric played the bass, Jeremy played guitar, and Ralph played drums." After their first recording they brainstormed the name 'De Facto Cadre’ Dub', which was later shortened to De Facto. That recording became How Do You Dub? You Fight For Dub, You Plug Dub In, which they released on Headquarter Records, now known as Restart Records. Omar met Ikey at a show and they exchanged numbers and then Ikey met up with them during one of their shows and joined De Facto as their keyboard player midshow.

Their next album, Megaton Shotblast! was released on the Gold Standard Laboratories label, and received instant success, probably in part due to the popularity of At The Drive-In. The group's general style was , but they also dabbled in , Latin/, and . These new ideas led to what would become their next band.

When At The Drive-In broke up, De Facto became The Mars Volta along with Eva Gardner and Jon Theodore (At first, they practiced with Blake Fleming for a short time).

Any future re-groupings of De Facto now look highly unlikely due to the untimely passing of Jeremy Ward in June 2003. Omar Rodriguez-Lopez is also now more occupied with The Mars Volta and other side-projects such as his own & his collaboration with John Frusciante and Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

2. De Facto is a greek / band from Edessa/Thessaloniki.They've released four studio albums and one compilation so far,which are : 1998: De Facto, 2000: Makrys Kairos Konteyei, 2002: De Facto III, 2004: Mpalantes (Compilation), 2006: Os Tou Kosmou Tin Akri.There have been some line-up changes,so current members are : Petros Paraskevas (Guitar / Vocals) / Petros Miskos (Bass) / Alexis Apostolakis (Drums).

3. De Facto is a Hungarian / band, who started their career with 'Antique' EP in 2000. There were some line-up changes, the latest members were: Gyula Tóth(vocals, guitar), Zoltán Geőcze (guitars), Tamás Bangha (bass), Árpád Kisduda (keyboards) and Attila Hary (drums). They released three albums so far: 'Empíreum' in 2003, 'Evangeliom' in 2004 and 'Karizma' in 2007. They had the chance to play before Anathema and Katatonia also and they organize 'Nightbreed' festival every year in Ecsegfalva, Hungary for // artists. Now they're in an inactive status.

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