• SO MUCH NEW MUSIC (zomg)

    17 Sep 2006, 19:46 by pennilessinside

    So... yeah. Most of the artists on my top rotation this week are ones that I didn't even know about until recently, along with the old favorites. This past week/month/all summer long has been me becoming unreasonably obsessed with amazing new things (old, but new to me at least).

    GACKT needs to take my virginity. Like, right now. And immediately after, I need to marry Regina Spektor.

    Dilana should have won Rockstar:Supernova, no question.

    De Capulet I haven't listened through that much, but their music makes me feel happy. Same with Pete Yorn, I think I'm in love with the album I have.

    There's so much new music in my life, I might explode.