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Dezider Ursiny a.k.a. Dežo Ursiny (IPA: ) (4 October 1947 - 2 May 1995) was a Slovak rock musician and a television and film dramaturge and director. He is considered one of the most important personalities of Slovak rock music and one of the most talented and unique Slovak popular music composers. He belongs to a wide group of the so called legends of Czechoslovak Big Beat, which was a name given to underground music movement in Czechoslovakia especially in the late 1960s. He was a member of now legendary Big Beat bands The Beatmen and The Soulmen in the mid 60s and since the mid-1970s he had pursued a critically acclaimed, but commercially unsuccessful solo-career, releasing 12 studio albums, which varied stylistically, but are mostly spoken about in terms of art rock, progressive rock or jazz rock. He composed music for several films, including the popular TV musical "Neberte nám princeznú" and also shot a few documentary movies during his lifetime.

Dezider Ursiny, známý jako Dežo Ursiny, (4. října 1947 v Bratislavě – 2. května 1995 v Bratislavě, Slovensko) byl slovenský hudebník, kytarista, skladatel, zpěvák, textař, tvůrce filmové hudby, dramaturg, režisér, autor a scenárista.


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