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  • ^^
  • their sound is fuckin' awesome. i love them. hope once i'll see them live.
  • I really like the sound of these guys.
  • awesome band
  • new shit is own
  • hate takes its form is awesome! especially the part with bredahl!
  • Just got their EP in the mail, holy fuck! The covers are amazing, especially Blinded By Fear. The two new songs are also great, get a second album out now!
  • fucking kick ass band!! best songs: impurity, within the flesh, intent to kill, ...and blood will flow, beyond murder.... NO, all songs are great!!!
  • And blood will flow is my fave song!!!
  • Did their EP leak yet?
  • Has the EP leaked yet?
  • Best album released in 2008 so far, its sick
  • uoo growl is brootal
  • new pic add
  • Hey tykke dyr, last fm, nå nå, så er det det nye smarte!! :-)
  • Hate takes its.....FOOOOOOORM!!! Heavy like no other.
  • Interesting stuff.
  • great detah metal. death metal hasnt struck me that much since i first listened to six feet under
  • awesome!
  • Imagine a groovier version of Suffocation, maybe a tiny bit less technical and you got Dawn of Demise.
  • ownage
  • Jep... http://www.deepsend.com/details_music.cfm?CID=1327
  • Jeg fik albummet i går :D
  • sweeeeeeet XD
  • indeed!
  • This is great mædl \m/


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