• A Surgeon's Son...

    8 Jun 2011, 21:31 by itishere

    Sun 6 Mar – David Rhodes

    I had seen David Rhodes several times at Peter Gabriel's concerts and liked his way of acting on stage: paying attention to what goes on around him and at the same time being rather immersed in the moment and the music.

    When David Rhodes initially presented his first solo album Bittersweet in spring 2010 in Germany, we didn't get the chance to see him. But in March 2011 we finally made it to Munich for the second part of his club tour.

    When we arrived at the location about half past seven, the room was still mostly empty. It was a nice but small location next to the Isar that was probably used for hydroelectric power generation in former times (hence the name "Ampere").

    Until 8 o'clock a few more people showed up, but it was still a very small crowd of about 30 persons when David Rhodes, Ged Lynch, and Charlie Jones started their gig at a quarter past eight. (Maybe the lack of visitors was also due to the "Fasching" season during which the gig took place).
  • Snow Day #2: Live Acts I Have Seen That Used Memorex

    14 Feb 2007, 21:18 by JoeIsListening

    (It's a snow day! I'm marooned at home, but I had the foresight to bring some work home with me. However, I'm taking a break and posting all of the journal entries I've been working on but otherwise haven't had time to post.)

    This post by dmaxRadio about Lindsey Buckingham using recordings during a recent live performance made me think about the live performances I've seen where pre-recorded material came into play. By pre-recorded material, I'm talking about (as dmaxRadio puts it) sonic enhancers, additional musical parts to which the live players synchronized their performance. This excludes things like sound effects (think the voices and airplanes on Dark Side of the Moon) which are added for atmosphere. This is why Ambrosia is excused from this list (when I saw them in 1980, they opened their show with a tape of the recitation of Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky from song Mama Frog).

    I should also add that, I've always felt that this was cheating on the part of the performer. …