• sugar rush

    7 Feb 2006, 11:32 by mynameiskate

    Don't know wether you've seen "Sugar Rush", I didn't but I like Olivia Hallinan. Tho I found a website with soundtrack of it. I found it nice to recommend if you like artists like :
    The LAs
    Beth Orton
    Marianne Faithfull
    David Holmes
    Jim Noir
    Emiliana Torrini
    Basement Jaxx

  • 2005's discoveries [ENG]

    4 Jan 2006, 17:13 by k.

    It’s a good time to summarise and look back, and I’d like to write some words about albums I reckon to be my private discoveries, because I stumbled upon them by accident, or was given them by some friends (greetings, Kasper_Linge :]). Albums hereby mentioned suprised me, beacuse in most cases I wasn’t expecting anything special from them; some artists were known to me before, I was prejudiced against others and would never listen to their music of my own free will...

    Cibelle – Cibelle (2003)
    patpitiee on MidniteBossaPortoLadiesLovers grop forum – thanks!]
    Cibelle was the female voice of the legendary album Sao Paulo Confessions, and her own debut is amazingly perfect. It’s rather uncommon situation if I like an album entirely, from the beginning to the end; most ofter some particular songs are immediately overriden to the backgrund and never come back [ie. Keep Falling on In Between].
    For lovers of warm, female voices served in bossa-nova sauce there can’t be any more valuable record. …
  • Moje Odkrycia 2005

    29 Dec 2005, 19:55 by k.

    Dobry to czas na podsumowanie i spojrzenie wstecz; chciałbym napisać parę słów o płytach, które uważam za swoje "odkrycia", ponieważ trafiłem na nie albo przypadkiem, albo dzięki wciśnięciu mi ich przez znajome osoby (ukłon w stronę kol. Kaspera :]). Albumy, które tu wyszczególniłem zaskoczyły mnie, ponieważ nie oczekiwałem od nich niczego wyjątkowego. Niektórzy artyści byli mi prędzej nie znani, do niektórych byłem po prostu uprzedzony i z własnej woli nigdy bym ich nie posłuchał...

    Cibelle – Cibelle (2003)
    patpitiee na forum grupy MidniteBossaPortoLadiesLovers]
    To Cibelle udzielała się wokalnie na legendarnym w pewnych kręgach albumie Sao Paulo Confessions, jej debiutancki album jest zaskakująco perfekcyjny. Rzadko zdarza się, by płyta spodobała mi się w całości, najczęściej pewne utwory od razu schodzą na dalszy plan i nigdy już nie wracają [np. Keep Falling na In Between].
    Dla miłośników ciepłych, kobiecych wokali, zwłaszcza lubiących portugalsko-bossanovowe (lecz uwspółcześnione)…
  • I was fucked when I watched most of these.

    12 Nov 2005, 14:55 by Orbtastic

    The Stone Roses, Spike Island.
    The Real People, a few times. Once I was paralysed by a cute girl who put her head on my shoulder. Why oh why couldn't I move.
    The Telescopes, loud.
    Teenage Fanclub, drummer stagedived and hurt his back, replacement drummer plucked from crowd.
    The Inspiral Carpets, someone threw up in the hood of my hooded top and I didn't even realise.
    Jaylib, Edinburgh. Rocked to fuck.
    Peanut Butter Wolf, wow.
    J.ROCC, nice Jazz set.
    The Farm, hmm. Seen them more than once though.
    The High, some people never rated them. I did. Saw 'em more than once.
    Badly Drawn Boy, I was stoned, he was crap.
    The Thrills, summer vibes. Again, stoned.
    Snow Patrol, I don't even like them that much and I've seen them twice.
    The Strokes.
    Massive Attack, I was fucked, they rocked. Light show was amazing.
    TOP, still can't work out if they were miming or not.
    The Little Flames, excellent. Singer's cute too.
    The Coral, got what I expected.
  • Domino Bones are teh suck

    19 Aug 2005, 00:06 by SEoD

    A couple of weeks ago I had the misfortune of seeing Bez's band Domino Bones at the D:Percussion festival in Manchester. Considering they were headlining the event it was embarrassingly poor. His girlfriend could sing, OK, but Bez was just rolling round the stage spouting shite.

    The first track was something about rattling my head. I'm not sure if that was a gag about the number of pills he'd taken but it went on for some time. It was all downhill from there with Bez yawping some shite about the freedom to do and say what you want over best efforts of the band to, y'know, make some music. Happy Mondays it wasn't.

    The rest of the acts were less full of it and turned out pretty good from what I saw.. David Holmes played a nice DJ set to a cheerful little crowd and went down well. I hadn't realised what a grizzly-adams-looking mofo he was so I didn't know it was him until near the end of it.

    There was some rock band made up of 15(ish) year old lads that sounded pretty Placebo-like to me. …