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After serving in several rock bands during the eighties and early nineties like Trifide Freud or Soul Bisones, at the end of the 90's begins to compose sporadically incidental music for theatre and short films. His music seeks to convey atmospheres, moments detained at the clock, memories, describing feelings, places, moods and, ultimately, be an effective alidade in cinematic narrative.

He has composed the soundtrack from short films like Vértices», «El viaje al paraíso» from Juanan Martínez, «Té y Café» , «Jauja» from José del Río, «Loop», «Imagina si»… or the theatre plays «Gaia», «Mis queridos monstruos» or «La Princesa Ana» from Company Tarambana. He also colaborated with Nacho Laguna, Corcobado, José Luis Moreno Ruiz, Pablo Cobollo or Ana Béjar among others.

(Text taken from www.davidgbonacho.com)


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