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David El-Malek is a French saxophone player born in 1970.

Bio: In a short time, David El-Malek imposed upon his peers, and upon the world of the jazz as one of the best European saxophonists. A virtuosity in the service of musicality and of harmony, an integrity of speech without defect, an identity world mixing folk music and the sum of the history of international jazz, a personal directory assimilating the big rhythmic currents of the last century, a extensive study of the great classic authors, made of this artist more than a jazzman, a real Musician. It's one of the specificities of this almost-self-taught, relentless and solitary worker : we cannot speak about David without speaking about Music. His exceptional maturity makes that he never forgets that the only important thing, it is the emotion which emanates from its music and its accessibility.

Born in 1970 in Pantin (France), to stay there only on one year, it's in Israel that he will grow up until 1979. Back France at the age of eight, he will keep his first years an indelible track. His significant musical first steps come very late because they are situated after his military service, in January, 1990. He is hardly twenty years old and he chooses to play the saxophone tenor. In September of the same year, he registers in the Academy of Montreuil, for one year, and follows Jean Claude Forenbach's lessons where he discovers it the harmony. At the end of this experience, he will lock himself, for several years, to devote to his new passion. In a solitary way ,away from any marked out circuit, he will make efforts to catch up the delay caused by his late practice.

In 1995, for the National Competition of La Défense, he receives, in this occasion, the soloist third prize and second prize of composition, and, during the competition of Jazz of Vannes, the first group prize. So he's gone a long way! In five years, David El-Malek will have gone through the method for beginners tothe laurels of La Défense. The special prize of the jury comes to dedicate this young saxophonist, brought out of nowhere, who forged his play totally outside the professional environment. He is so recently confirmed, for his work of sideman on Laurent Coq's disk and the Blowing Trio, Live @ the Duc des Lombards, by Grand Prix of the Disk 2002 of the Academy Charles Cros, jazz'category.

Exceptional and universal, so light as serious, irascible and affectionate, nostalgic but visionary, his musical implication tries to connect the genres and to move closer to the differences. Interested also in all the forms of classic transcription for saxophone, mainly influenced by Bach, Fauré, Debussy, Ravel, Webern, Bartok, he works at present on the " concertino da caméra " of Jacques Ibert, collaborates with the composer Vincent Artaud on a concerto for saxophone tenor and orchestra, and elaborates a transcription of " the Arabesque n¡1 " of Debussy for piano. David El-Malek often repeats that the jazz is a serious music. We cannot avoid feeling the result of its comments by listening to his compositions and the numerous managed at once projects. His third disk, "Talking Cure", joining the continuity of the precedents, containing folklores, personal compositions and resumption of a contemporary standard. His fourth, exclusively consisted of ballads (band of 13 musicians + 4tet), is almost written.

Along with his purely jazzistic work we can find another work: the DEM Orchestra, Music From Source, written for symphony orchestra in association with Christophe Dal Sasso, accompanied with its quartet and with Big Band, consists of folklores and personal compositions. This project, innovative in the writing and the theme, was partially played with the National Orchestra of Lyon. He is mainly based on popular melodic lines, the nostalgic expression of a music which rocked the first eight years of his author. Very remote from its label of virtuoso and from technician, this very personal project is an ode to the beautiful, universal accessible music with multiple references. The project was played in April, 2004 at The Auditorium of Lyon (France), accompanied without Big Band, by the National Orchestra of Lyon, supervised by Wayne Marshall, and played in Sloviania with the Lubiana'orchestra, as invited solist during the wold saxophone congress. The first volume of 'Music From Source" will be release in octet on label "Nocturne"

Discography: As Leader - Music from Source I+II /2008
Fool Time/2007
DAVID EL-MALEK 4tet : Talking Cure/2003
DAVID EL-MALEK 4tet : Organza/2001
DAVID EL-MALEK 4tet : Live au Café des Arts/1999

As a Sideman:

PIERRE DE BETHMANN : Cubique (2009)

Pochette de Diégo Imbert DIEGO IMBERT : A l'Hombre Du Saule Pleureur (2009)

Pochette cd Laïka Fatien : Misery LAIKA FATIEN : Misery (2008)

cd Cécarrelli ANDRE CECCARELLI : Golden Land (2007)


cd DEM LAURENT COQ Blowing trio : The Thing to Share (2007)

cd Complexe PIERRE DE BETHMANN : Complexe (2005)

cd Laïka LAIKA FATIEN : Look At Me Now (2005)

cd Cécarelli ANDRE CECCARELLI : Carte Blanche (2004)

cd Ilium PIERRE DE BETHMANN : Ilium (2003)

cd Laurent Coq LAURENT COQ Blowing Trio : Live @ the Duc des Lombards (2003)

cd Alex Jacquemin ALEX JACQUEMIN : Story Of… (2002)

cd Infants LAIKA FATIEN : Infans (1998)

cd Laika Fatien LAIKA FATIEN 5tet (1996)



cd la Fête des Jazzs LA FETE DES JAZZ: compilation de la Foire de Paris (2002)

cd Jazz sous les pommiers JAZZ SOUS LES POMMIERS du 4 au 11 mai 2002, Coutances/Manche

cd FNAC INDETENDANCES jazz: Laurent Coq Blowing Trio

cd Résonnance JAZZ sélection Résonnances

As Guest :

Pochette de disque ELISABETH KONTOMANOU : Back To My Groove (2007)

Pochette de Méta : Epigram META : Epigram (2007)

cd Souleymane Diamank SOULEYMANE DIAMANK : L'Hiver Peul (2007)

cd Anne Ducros ANNE DUCROS : Close Yours Eyes (2003)

cd Tom & Joyce TOM & JOYCE (2002)

cd Rae Christian RAE & CHRISTIAN (2002)

cd Yass YASS & M'DEE feat. JAY : October (2002)

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