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  • Avatar for smashfest
    clutnuckle is my hero
  • Avatar for bigage13
    Wow.. tried to hard. Stupid as hell
  • Avatar for stoey78
    i know super ninja shit
  • Avatar for clutnuckle
    That's what that is.
  • Avatar for clutnuckle
    you know whatever man, you don’t even know man, you dead, I’m laughing at you man, all invisible and shit just laughin at you, man cause I’m, you opened up the wrong motherfuckin can of worms bitch, you opened up the wrong can of worms man, cause this is you, goin’ ‘aw man what’s this can of worms I’m gonna try this can of worms out man, see what’s up in here man’ and you fuckin’ open it up and it takes you a long time cause you got one of them old fashioned can openers that ain’t electric that you like crank out like this and all that shit and you finally get the top up and then you go to peel the top off (and be careful cause that shit is sharp) but you pull it back and you just lookin at it and you say ‘look at dat it’s nothing but stupid lil can of worms what’s that about i don’t give a shit about that lil can of worms’ then when your back is turned all them worms climb up on top each other and form ONE BIG WORM, and kill you with this worm-like ferocity... That’s what...
  • Avatar for clutnuckle
    ! I JUST TURNED INVISIBLE MAN! See you lookin' at me, cause you can hear my voice and that's that, but I just turned invisible! You think you see me but I just put all my visibility onto you DOUBLE visible now. What you gonna do motherfucker? You can run but you can't hide man. I'll fuckin' find yer ass cause you fuckin' double visible, I'm invisible, so fuckin', that negates itself man, so we both disappear. How 'bout that shit man? You don't even know man. I'm fuckin'...I know a super secret way to fuckin'...I'll just take my eyelash, take my eyelash, and then you fuckin' put it in your eye and you fuckin' dead man. You dead fer an hour. You don't even know it man. You'll be walkin' around thinkin' you alive but you been dead for an hour man. Fuckin' goin' "Hey man this jukebox OK I'm gonna play some Ozark Mountain Daredevils"
  • Avatar for clutnuckle
    Nuh-uh man, nah man, you don't wanna rile me man. You just riled the wrong motherfucker man. Nah, you don't even know man. I'm the last guy you wanna fuck with man. Cause you don't know me man. I'll fuckin' kill yer ass man. You don't even know man. Cause you don't know man I'm like a motherfuckin' earthquake...wrapped in a hurricane...nessled in a box of tsunamis man. That's what I am man. Imma fuckin kick yer ass. I'm like a fuckin' natural disaster times triplicate man fuckin' waitin' to kick yer ass. You don't even know man cause I'm trained in super secret martial arts man. Shit, I can't even tell you man. I had to live underwater for a year man, learn this shit. I can't even avow any of this stuff, I got tricks. I know fuckin 43 ways to kill you with a Pimento my man. So don't fuck with me. You don't wanna fuck with me cause I know shit man. Like.....RIGHT NOW, I JUST TURNED INVISIBLE! YOU DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THAT!
  • Avatar for golfmade
    I know 43 ways to kill you with a pimento my man!
  • Avatar for alcopop
    I had to live underwater for a year man!
  • Avatar for aughtstar
    *slow clap for tag correction*

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