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David Bryan, born David Bryan Rashbaum in Edison, New Jersey on 7th February 1962, is a pianist, composer and, most notably, the keyboard player in the hair metal rock band Bon Jovi.
Bryan was one of the original members of the band and had played in numerous previous bands with front man Jon Bon Jovi, when Bongiovi (as he was still known then) told him he had got a record deal himself and Bryan set about setting up what became Bon Jovi. 20 something years later and with that band Bryan has now shifted over 110 million albums ranking them among the most successful bands in the history of contemporary music.
Before he joined Bon Jovi Bryan had already been given a great start to his music career - being taught by Emery Hack a professor of the prestigious music school Julliard, upon joining Bon Jovi Bryan dropped out of his previous school (Rutgers) and took a place studying at Julliard.
In 1990 the band took a break while Jon recorded the massively successful and Oscar-nominated Blaze of Glory - this gave Bryan time to record his first album, Netherworld which met with relative success for an album of its genre, possibly due to the name on its box as much as anything.
The 90's saw Bryan continue his love of music outside of the band and in 1994 he released his second solo album On A Full Moon. His third album came three years later, after his notorious 'circular saw accident' which saw him lose control of a circular saw and almost cut a finger off - this could have spelt the end for Bryans performing days both solo and with Bon Jovi but after a year of treatment he was able to play again and finish recordings of Bon Jovi's Crush and his own Lunar Eclipse.
The 00s have seen continued success for him in band and out. Most notably he co-wrote the musical Memphis with Joe DiPietro which has seen growing success on the theater circuit.


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