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  • Damn! So good.
  • Glorious.
  • Why hadn't I noticed before how great this track was?
  • I'm OK, you're so so
  • "it's got nothing to do with you, you fucking bastard" is no doubt an excellent addition
  • This song makes me feel nostalgic for some reason.
  • you fucking bastard
  • More idols than realities!
  • <3
  • David surely went up the hill backwards :) Not my fav song but good song anyway!
  • every time i listen to this, the intro reminds me of [track artist=primal scream]Movin' on Up[/track] ;D.it's silly, but i can't help knowing primal scream before bowie ;).
  • Faves!!~
  • awesome
  • I feel like this song all the time... up the hill backwards indeed, haha
  • My friend always says this reminds him of something the Muppets might sing, so that brings an extra layer of cheer whenever this song comes on. Coupled with the YouTube comment which confused the lyrics to the effect that he was singing 'it's got nothing to do with you, you fucking bastard', this track always makes me laugh. And it's very good, of course.
  • One of my faves off Scary Monsters
  • <33333
  • One of Bowie's best!
  • Ab - so - lutely amazing! Another amazing track from an amazing album...
  • I love that this was a single... it's so odd! I always find myself miming the *dings.* The theory is that it's a song about his divorce... whatever it's about, it's amazing.
  • yeah yeah yeah up the hill backwards, it'll be alright
  • fan - tastic
  • obsessed. perfect.
  • I'm ok, you're so-so
  • It's got nothing to do with you, if one can grasp it
  • sls
    vacuum created by the arrival of freedom. (*ding*) and the possibilities. it seems to offer.

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