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  • Avatar for Turnersmemo
    Hot tramp got no lyrics on my radio!!
  • Avatar for giggleloop1
    WTF!!!! Getting the karaoke version..............
  • Avatar for GWescott
    sorry...this is not David Bowie! Don't know where last fm comes up with some of these versions sometimes. :(
  • Avatar for Artemito
    Salten, salten!! Jump, Jump! Rebel Rebel!
  • Avatar for daysleepr2
    let's get this right; the Kings of Leon sound like Mr. Bowie. Respect where it's due!
  • Avatar for TheDarkSide73
    This version sounds more like Kings Of Leon than David Bowie...Doesn't matter cause i Love Bowie and Kings Of Leon..
  • Avatar for lam5
    dont like this version as much as the radio one
  • Avatar for keithhorner1
    Agree with alfie_noakes WTF!!!
  • Avatar for TheDarkSide73
    Hot Tramp I Love You Soooo
  • Avatar for alfie_noakes
    What is it with substituting original cuts with live takes? Is it licensing issues?
  • Avatar for VietMoneys
    On fire.
  • Avatar for mimiramone
    geilste zeiten!
  • Avatar for mathildepoppins
    Hot tramp, I love you so! [6]
  • Avatar for maxlharris
    I'm getting the version from Reality... not bad, but not as good as the original... They put you down, say I'm wrong...
  • Avatar for kikikirsche
    I love you David
  • Avatar for prateekagwl
    David Bowie - an artist who has stood the test of time and has evolved and improved with every passing year.
  • Avatar for Falbrav1
    What a great version...I love the way it lulls you into thinking its slow and soft and then kicks in. I actually like the soft and slow part too.
  • Avatar for mattofberwick
    ohhhh yeaah!
  • Avatar for jimmyeppley
    Hot tramp, I love you so! [4]
  • Avatar for jimmyeppley
    Hot tramp, I love you so! [4]
  • Avatar for Bliss8117
    Hot tramp, I love you so! [3]
  • Avatar for soulkasperl
    Mother Nature's Son
  • Avatar for forgottenpoem
    Hot tramp, I love you so! [2]
  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    what? lines and a handful of ludes?...Bowie being PC?
  • Avatar for silversurfer250
    This song is about a boy who rebels against his parents by wearing makeup and tacky women's clothes. It was a defining song of the "Glam Rock" era. Characterized by feminine clothes and outrageous stage shows, Glam was big in England in the early '70s. Bowie had the most mainstream success of the Glam Rockers.
  • Avatar for skank_pit
    2003 version is awesome!
  • Avatar for vikmarlo
    you diamond dog you
  • Avatar for NitaD1
    Was a rebel...tore my dress
  • Avatar for captainyodel
  • Avatar for Callumackenzie
    This version that comes up on radio is so so good. Anyone have any idea where its from?
  • Avatar for JustChewIt
    бессмертная мелодия
  • Avatar for public_call
    Ooooh I love it!! xD
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    Great song <3
  • Avatar for Ksimi
    (I can't get no) satisfaction :-)
  • Avatar for davidmills71
    Very Cool <3
  • Avatar for jomabbs
    Yeah..... School Daze
  • Avatar for NettieStrauch
    Great song / rebel, rebel...
  • Avatar for Icaughtcrabs
    Feeling it.
  • Avatar for keanequeen
    Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo
  • Avatar for lottadogs
    luv this...fukin great to see him for free..Santa Monica Civic...
  • Avatar for dead-parade
    I love that so much. It's sexy but also so dirty, real rock n' roll.
  • Avatar for spiritbouleau
    REBEL REBEL turututututururu
  • Avatar for JennyThunders
    Immediately suspect anyone that doesn't love Bowie. There's somethin wrong with them.
  • Avatar for GhostGem102
    I really love the way he mixes it up with this version. I love them both! Oh, and I just LOVE the way he says "Hot tramp! I love you show." *dead*
  • Avatar for gytonuncut
  • Avatar for Wrongdecade13
    This stands for the worst ringtone ever. You never feel like answering. [2]
  • Avatar for Roll_it_Over
    hey babe, your hairs alright
  • Avatar for cestladore
    You tacky thing!
  • Avatar for daparry
    Is this the long version? Never heard it before, and the original got a lot of air play.
  • Avatar for KingsAndQueen
    Anyone hears The Rolling Stones


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