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  • lemonogram

    The sexiest vocal ever.

    March 2015
  • ParnoidLizard

    ooh baby, just you shut your mouseee...

    February 2015
  • djsweetlips1971

    I saw Bowie in Stockholm and it was awesome.

    February 2015
  • Waldprinzessin

    Danke Daddy

    January 2015
  • tigerwolf1

    Oh baby, just you shut your mouth....

    December 2014
  • Solar_Smile

    Офигенная песня!

    November 2014
  • hectorlopezt


    November 2014
  • Lesscities

    fantastic, one of my schooltimes classics...

    October 2014
  • x0tt

    Still a classic

    October 2014
  • Mizuki-chian

    любимая песня <3

    July 2014
  • oakenshield1

    Unique song!

    May 2014
  • vsfkra_


    April 2014
  • Cure1980

    David Bowie Master of Pop and a real Music Hero--

    March 2014
  • white_lemur

    That bass <3

    December 2013
  • Ninetales-

    I hated this at beginning, after I loved it omg!

    December 2013
  • xtekinhax

    October 2013
  • TuneBlendR

    Hope to see Bowie's artwork this week... it's on display @ The Art Gallery of Ontario... Come visit Toronto!

    September 2013
  • Sound-Of-Nature

    Oh oh oh ohoo little china girl ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪.....

    June 2013
  • Janalima85

    I stumble into town just like a sacred cow - gotta <3 this line

    April 2013
  • rhondabowlin


    April 2013
  • Zittyyy

    Great Song!

    March 2013
  • CanYouBlush

    just you shut your........she sayzzzzzz

    March 2013
  • JeffMec

    Top listeners are men... I'm Marlon..

    March 2013
  • CastrosFidel

    wanna knew that girl ;-)

    February 2013
  • audilliajones

    Everyone always sings this to me... LOL

    February 2013
  • Sokoloster

    This song and MJ <3

    January 2013
  • MiasmaGardens

    The bass throughout this song is just incredible.

    January 2013
  • VonKiiZ

    such a chill song. i love the 80s

    January 2013
  • PulpJunkie


    January 2013
  • tommweber

    is good song love bowie

    December 2012
  • Taiteki

    I got the proper version; sounds like several of you weren't so lucky. Better luck next time.

    December 2012
  • MsMSippi


    December 2012
  • Zajcik

    SRV... like a boss

    November 2012
  • kenet87

    i'll ruin everything you are...

    September 2012
  • telecine

    YES... proper version...

    August 2012
  • ClareInCornwall

    Oh oh ohhhhhhh little china girl ♥

    August 2012
  • Turnersmemo

    Proper version at last !!!!!!!!!!!

    August 2012
  • TheDarkSide73

    I wish they would do this with Justin Bieber songs..That would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    July 2012
  • Druid66

    This cover version is best heard with the sound tuned all the way down, if not off. Let me know when Bowie's original comes back.

    June 2012
  • Da_booka

    Ha! Ha! I wish they could do this with Whitney's songs, which would make them more listenable

    June 2012
  • bdodkin

    Thought I'd gone deaf for another reason

    June 2012
  • pogopatterson

    Yes matzoball, without focusing on Bowie necessarily, it does amuse me that a lot of those 60's/early 70's stars that developed their careers when the Hippie ethos was at its height are the least "giving/sharing" of any artists. You'll struggle to get Led Zep on here, or Floyd, The Beatles and so on.

    June 2012
  • matzoball

    I think Bowie hasn't given permission for his stuff to be played on here - he's all about copyright and royalties...cause his old ass ain't making music anymore... Really disappointed...

    May 2012
  • KateShroud

    LOL He's not singing in Braille. I have the equipment to verify that fact.

    May 2012
  • jewprostitute


    May 2012
  • giggleloop1

    WTF!! Is he singing in braille???? NO KARAOKE!!!!!! EVER!!!!

    May 2012
  • drago0402

    Karaoke version has been BANNED!!! ...Well, from my library at least.

    May 2012
  • KateShroud

    There are no words.

    May 2012
  • rikrijean

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,-,-,-,-,-GREAT SONG~~~~~~~

    May 2012
  • thirteenstone

    Yes Misco. what the fuck is up with that??

    May 2012