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The Man Who Sold the World
David Bowie

The Man Who Sold the World


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  • Beautiful record ❤️
  • Strong bass playing throughout!
  • The best!! [4]
  • David Zeppelin
  • This is probably my favorite Bowie album... but is it really a David Bowie album? Some people say that Ronson and Visconti wrote most of the songs. Visconti himself says it so.
  • reminds me of black sabbath
  • История создания песни: http://song-story.ru/man-sold-world/
  • The best!! [3]
  • funny album
  • Obvious joke is obvious joke, FerdinandCoool.
  • The record doesn't knocked me to my knees, apparently I need a lot of time to appreciate it (or it simply is not my style). The title track is great, as "Saviour Machine". Other songs do not impress me as I expected
  • The best!!
  • The Chick on the cover is Bowie captainDread.
  • Why isn't there an anniversary edition of this fantastic album??
  • fav+[2]
  • This is a very underrated album
  • The Best!
  • t7b and louid
  • This should be played LOUD.
  • ♥♥♥♥ What a sexy and one of most beautiful cover that I've ever seen! Really, I'm serious. http://cover-paradies.to/?Module=ViewEntry&ID=356341 ♥♥♥♥
  • I've heard from many sources that this was Bowie's darkest album, and it shows. Lovecraftian storytelling, themes of insanity and occultism, omnipotent supercomputers...this is some heavy stuff, but I love it. I fell in love with this album from the first listen. I now consider it to be one of my all-time favorite Bowie albums.
  • I've grown 30 years since the first listen. Right now I've got Saviour Machine stuck in my head...
  • This album has really grown on me since the first listen, I really enjoy it now.
  • Glaaaaamtastic! Pre-Ziggy Bowie was so beautifully alien!
  • fav+
  • Interesting. Also, that chick on the cover is hot!
  • Many people I know have never really liked this particular album, but I think its one of Bowies' best. The title track is great. Rchoes of sadness, and purity!!! Too pretentious?? Lets just say its fab and I've always loved it.
  • Perfect
  • Bowie, Verdi & Visconti!
  • @gabethevegan and grossy2: thanks. Looking forward to reading your books on the making of this album
  • Semplicemente struggente.... in english...? ummm... ALL-CONSUMING!.. wow
  • Definately one of his best. Dark, imaginative themes and i'm loving that bass...
  • My original cover was Bowie in B&W giving a kick...
  • One of the best cover in those days.
  • Remember the orig. cover, the cowboy with the empty speech bubble? My friend Dominick Boyle wrote in(back then) "Fuck You!
  • Exelent album, great lirics
  • love!
  • :-)
  • loved it on the first listen!! 2, 8 , & 9 the best . the bass playing is great as well as the other players!! i can see how the sound was developing here for the future hit records!!! great stuff!
  • weak album bowie didn't have much part in it, it's mostly built around the band jamming while he was getting stoned since by then he'd kinda given up. few cool songs, mind
  • Pretty good album. Agree with GothicBowie, it took several listens for me also, to really like it.
  • This is my favorite album of his. It also makes me wish you could fix titles :(.
  • A really strange album, the production and singing is overall much worse than on earlier records and I have no idea what she shook me cold is even doing on there.. But this seems to be where the glam style and far out lyrics took root. I love most of the tracks.
  • bowies best rock album and mine first heard this album in 1973 amazing and i did stay with all the mad men zane zane zane
  • This album is so ahead of its time. It blew my mind the first time I heard it.
  • zane zane zane!!
  • Mr. Visconti is a freaking genius! It's a great bass album.


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