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  • This man's music is my entire life.
  • Join Matt Besser, 4 humans –Horatio Sanz, John Gemberling, Michael Delaney, and Brian Huskey– and 1 musician, David Bazan, for this extra special musically inspired episode of improv4humans.
  • I think Fewer Moving Parts was the one thing I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish as far as releases go solo wise, which is kind of shame considering how impactful his work in Pedro the Lion has been on my life. His voice is still amazing and has a knack for still writing a great song here and there but overall the records don't have a flow that keeps me as interested as PTL material did. I loved the first half of Curse Your Branches but by the end, it lost it for me. Strange Negotiations at first seemed like a return to form for me in a way, but I haven't listened to it in a long time after I became increasingly bored with it. This Spring 2013 Tour EP is kind of nice though, Bazan always finds a way to do covers incredibly well and make them his own. Either way, Bazan has been so impactful I'll always check out what the man has up his sleeve even if I'm not 100% as I was with older work.
  • SO GOOD. Check out the cover of Lost My Shape by The Tallest Man on Earth. That song is how I found David.
  • Bazan band Control Tour whaaaaaaaaaat
  • when's he going to tour australia? does he play many pedro songs live?
  • Living Room show tonight!
  • I had tickets to the living room tour for four months in denver. But then missed the day, because i don't know how to read dates apparently. I Went to the house the day after the show, and was all confused. damn it feels bad.
  • thegetupkid, bazan made amazing music in pedro the lion, too. religion definitely has nothing to do with the quality of his musical output. [2]
  • thegetupkid, bazan made amazing music in pedro the lion, too. religion definitely has nothing to do with the quality of his musical output.
  • Great start to the 2012 living room tour last night in Portland. Review, setlist, photos...
  • "Strange Negotiations" is on position two in my list with best albums of 2011. Great urban folk rock, indie rock stories, which catch me with clever lyrics and right tone of voice and guitar of David Bazan. Thank you David for this beautiful journey with your urban view of things in our life.
  • It makes me so happy when people are freed from religion. Especially when those people put out awesome music as a result.
  • Great show at Sam Bond's Garage in Eugene last night. Come back soon...
  • I will not let go of you...
  • He is the monumental musician of my life. The one I'll still be listening to when I'm an old woman.
  • man I wish I could get the last 2 christmas singles he put out.
  • I've been with you since I was just a kid Bazan, when It Was Hard To Find A Friend. Keep up with the great music, very few people have the courage to write like you do.
  • I can never get enough of this man's music. Ever.
  • "Virginia" is a beautiful piece of story and music, where time stops.
  • Strange Negotiations is nowehere near as good as Curse Your Branches.
  • bazan is at the top of his game right now
  • i love this man
  • Saw him with Rocky Votolato in San Diego. Great show! Love the new album.
  • "Strange Negotiations" is one of the truly rock records in these years. Keep rockin'.
  • The show at Black Cat in DC was amazing. I love the new album.... Eating Paper, Messes, Strange Negotiations. Thanks for the incredible music!
  • Bazan playin´ Level with Yourself
  • <3
  • The new album is so awesome! Loved all songs, specially "People" and "Eating Paper" Thaaanks again for the incredible work ! x)
  • He never lost form in my eyes. Everything he's done is gold and the new record is no exception.
  • Back to form in a way?
  • you are one cool mother fucker! Love the new album. . .
  • @GregOfTheOcean Looking back, my post has a tone I wasn't trying to imply. I was using "ridiculous" more in a "I've never seen that before" sort of way. You're right, though - it must be the lack of singles.
  • So stoked to see this man next month.
  • I can't wait for the Ithaca show! My tickets just came in the mail. :D
  • Ridiculous that the top 10 tracks are the 10 tracks from the newest album, in order. Apparently people can't get all the way through the album in one go.
  • Mmmmmm David.
  • virginia and won't let go
  • Lots of swearing on the new album. Not bothered by it but it catches you off guard at first.
  • Glad I can proudly wear my "I helped Bazan make a record shirt." Bazan gotta family to feed kiddos [2] do the right thing.
  • I'm in love all over again. How does he do it?
  • new album is incredible
  • yeah that synth on messes is the business
  • Seriously, if you download it, buy it. Bazan gotta family to feed kiddos
  • strange negotiations is great so far. if i find a download link anywhere i'm going to punch some fucking face.
  • lyrics:
  • The Headphones-esque synth line on "messes" is fantastic. A fusion of all good Bazan related things.


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