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  • Avatar for verymuchracist
    His old stuff is good, nothin' sacred is pretty awesome. Shame he turned into a f-cking n-gger loving hippie.
  • Avatar for Thermo-Nuclear
    18 X rated hits.... Combination of Underground Album and Nothin' Sacred... What a fucking masterpiece.
  • Avatar for rikrijean
    <3 <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for the_melvin
    Punk Rock
  • Avatar for Chuzhbogh
    some good ol' very racist redneck stuff.
  • Avatar for FolxPunxForLife
    If it weren't for Underground Album and Nothing Sacred, this man would very likely be in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Shame that The CMHoF won't let those albums die. [2]
  • Avatar for OFWGAlliDoIsKTA
    If it weren't for Underground Album and Nothing Sacred, this man would very likely be in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Shame that The CMHoF won't let those albums die.
  • Avatar for Runoflife
    Longhaired redneck is probably his best song.
  • Avatar for Falling_Eagle
    Mama tried!
  • Avatar for crownanchor
    underrated artist indeed
  • Avatar for PhatBasta
    I don't even know if P.Blues will even play on love his blues music.
  • Avatar for PhatBasta
    If 'divers do it deeper',then what does that say about snorkelers..?
  • Avatar for gatr1963
    johnny rebel is a blast!!
  • Avatar for PhatBasta
    Love his blues music also...."Well I call my woman coffee,cause she grinds so fine.."......
  • Avatar for BobRozga
    fans who find him boring, check out johnny rebel lol
  • Avatar for traqua89
    Great music!!
  • Avatar for Chuzhbogh
    v and you have massive complexes and no self-esteem. Grab your welfare cheque and get some fine watermelunz and some fried chicken wingz.
  • Avatar for ForeverxAutumn
    ...stinky ass niggers.
  • Avatar for ForeverxAutumn
    all of you are niggers.
  • Avatar for IamFlood
    Great stuff.
  • Avatar for Scarmus
    Kto nie lubi muzyki DACa ten jest kutasem i niech spierdala!!!
  • Avatar for mooseknukle666
  • Avatar for ForeverxAutumn
    Like I give two fucks about that guy. DAC never fought me.. I would break his old ass down. True outlaw get in my ass biker fag music. Cheers, inmate.
  • Avatar for duut
    JD if u pls!
  • Avatar for duut
    me like
  • Avatar for WSteven
    true country outlaw
  • Avatar for staklee2002mj
    sounds like a dire straights track
  • Avatar for JoshAnthonyBell
    He certainly has balls. Everyone who says that he's a racist is a moron.
  • Avatar for GrimAxeman
    David Allan Coe own words on racism: « "Anyone that (...) says I'm a racist is full of shit," Coe says, adding that the slur entered his vocabulary in prison, where he received encouragement to write the songs that would make up Penitentiary Blues from a man in the next cell: R&B singer Screamin' Jay Hawkins. "I was one of about fifteen white boys . . . and that word didn't mean nothin'. I used to have to fight my way outta everywhere because I hung around black guys." » (from Rolling Stone:
  • Avatar for Roust777
    whispymound you say racist he sometime listen hip hop and in him band playing black guy
  • Avatar for whispymound
    Racist fuck
  • Avatar for coe4halloffame
    sign the petition to put dac in the country music hall of fame
  • Avatar for Wonrei
    top artist on the nigger tag
  • Avatar for LarryDodd
    ur my fucking idol ur awesum come 2 south stokes walnut cove north carolina fuck yea fyck them niggers
  • Avatar for TheHolyman666
    The man.
  • Avatar for traqua89
    Xucatlan, thank you for your answer :) I have just ordered my first hard copy of a DAC album, waiting for it to arrive this week. Last week I found out that DAC is the man behind "Take this job and shove it", which I earlier thought was originally written by Johnny Paycheck. I have more respect for the man after realising he has written songs for many of the greatest, including Willie Nelson!
  • Avatar for traqua89
    @ChronicDespair, you are a filthy ugly man
  • Avatar for ChronicDespair
    Filthy racist
  • Avatar for KeiONN
  • Avatar for marcduchalard
    @AutumnX so you'd whup. his ass huh? you hear about one show DAC gave where this A-hole up front kept talking shit & throwing bottles onstage DAC told the guy "you throw1 more bottle up here & I'll kick your ass". Guy did & got his ass kicked then sued & not. for assault he claimed loss of business judge asked him what he did guy says he's a Karate instructor & it really looks bad him getting his ass kicked by some redneck/hillbilly in a bar DAC either beat him again in the courtroom or was restrained from by bailiffs either way he ain't just bragging about winning every fight he's fought
  • Avatar for shnizzedy
    By pure chance, this Thursday saw [event=1958737]David Allan Coe perform at the Bluebird[/event], and Friday and Saturday had [artist]David Allan Coe[/artist] jokes at [url=]Jerry's Blug Specktacular[/url]. It was truly unplanned.
  • Avatar for CountreeJen
    Willie, Waylon And Me - helluva tune
  • Avatar for thewinner
    i have listened to a lot of music over the years, and DAC is up there with the best.
  • Avatar for DeliciousVomit
    saw him last night... that man's a hero... too bad country music is such gay pop nonsense nowadays... fuck all you pc faggots... if you gotta snivel about outlaw music you might as well go side with the pigs
  • Avatar for traqua89
    Is it correct that most of his songs are covers? Is there any album with 100% original DAC songs? Someone who knows, feel free to tell me :)
  • Avatar for Marquis-manson
    i learn tha laWs of the AsphalT junGle...
  • Avatar for Pk_FMS
    So muss es sein! Opa mag Outlaw Country
  • Avatar for traqua89
    Sten Granskog is playing DAC!
  • Avatar for Treacherouslife
    country dj's knows that im an outlaw!
  • Avatar for doomsmoker666


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