• My Record Of The Year 2009: Ki - Devin Townsend Project

    23 Dec 2009, 04:51 by ontheupside

    When I heard Devin Townsend was going to release two records in 2009; after a two year absence where he lost his skullet, disbanded his most successful project, and quit cold turkey on smoking weed, drinking booze and looking at porn; I was almost certain that at least one of them would be my favourite of this year.

    And (haha, surprise!) they have taken spots 1 & 2, despite stiff competition from Mastodon and Lady of the Sunshine (and god DAMN I'm looking forward to the new Angus & Julia Stone record for next year). Two more Townsend records are slated for next year, half done and put on hold while the band tours on the first two records.

    So uh... this was the first glimpse I got of Devin for 2009 -

    ...I'd be forgiven for thinking that the upcoming record was going to be a goofy exercise in insanity, right? The next two videos are actually even weirder.

    But Ki threw Townsend fans a curveball.