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There are several artists who share the name Dave Evans.

(1) the 1970's AC/DC frontman;
(2) the British finger-picking acoustic guitarist;
(3) the American traditional Bluegrass banjo player, singer and songwriter

(1) Dave Evans was recruited into AC/DC in 1973 by brothers Angus and Malcolm Young, along with drummer Colin Burgess and bass player Larry Van Kriedt. He stayed with the band for a few months before being replaced by Bon Scott around September 1974. During his time with AC/DC, Evans recorded one single ("Can I Sit Next To You Girl" / "Rocking In The Parlour") which was released in Australia and New Zealand. A promotional video for "Can I Sit Next To You" was also produced. There is, however, an AC/DC bootleg titled In The Beginning which features Evans on vocals. He was also present on their first national tour supporting Lou Reed.

The Young brothers soon felt that Evans was not a suitable frontman for the group. According to them, he was more of a "glam rocker", inspired by the likes of Gary Glitter. Occasionally Evans would be replaced on stage by the band's first manager Dennis Laughlin, and when veteran rock vocalist Bon Scott met the Youngs and expressed an interest in joining the band, it soon became apparent that Evans' time with AC/DC was coming to an end. Evans also had personal problems with Laughlin, which contributed to the ill-feeling towards him.

After AC/DC, Evans joined a band called Rabbit, replacing original singer Greg Douglas. Rabbit released a few singles and two albums, both in 1976. Rabbit were particularly influenced by the UK band, Sweet. However, the group only achieved mild success in Australia. His other bands included Thunder Down Under and Hot Cockerel.

Evans has also released two solo albums. The first of which being a live AC/DC tribute album entitled, A Hell of a Night, which was released in the year 2000. The second of which was an album released in February 2006 that was recorded with members of his previous groups, Rabbit and Hot Cockerel, and was entitled Sinner .

In 2000, Evans performed shows with AC/DC tribute band Thunderstruck for the 20th anniversary of Bon Scott's death.

Whilst Evans holds no bad feelings towards AC/DC today, the feeling does not seem to be mutual, with Angus Young recently declaring, "To even call him a singer is being a bit polite."

As of 2006 Evans is with a new band, Dave Evans and the Badasses, and is currently touring.

(2) British guitarist Dave Evans is known primarily for several technically impressive albums of acoustic finger-picking guitar music released in the late 1970's.

Although he never reached the level of popular acclaim enjoyed by contemporaries Bert Jansch, John Renbourn, Leo Kottke, or John Fahey, Evans was in many respects the most talented and nimble instrumentalist of the group. Evans' most definitive album is probably Sad Pig Dance, which was originally released in 1974 on the Kicking Mule label, and which featured an impressive line-up of elaborately crafted and impeccably performed original songs.

Although not stylistically revolutionary, Evans' work is consistently high quality. Fans of Stefan Grossman, John Renbourn, Duck Baker will find much to enjoy.

The photo currently up for this page, alas, is not this Dave Evans.

(3) American traditional Bluegrass banjo player, singer and songwriter Dave Evans was born in Portsmouth, Ohio. He learnt banjo technique from his father and began songwriting as a teenager. His first professional experience was with Earl Taylor and the Stoney Mountain Boys in 1968, and he later worked with a number of other groups, including Larry Sparks and the Lonesome Ramblers, Lillimae & the Dixie Gospelaires, Red Allen & the Kentuckians, the Boys from Indiana, and the Goins Brothers. He founded his own group, River Bend in 1978.

Dave Evans is with Rebel Records, who have issued about twelve of his albums. He is noted for his powerful, high, soulful singing voice, and he is one of relatively few musicians to combine the roles of lead vocalist and banjo player.

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